Mounting of telescopic slides and guide rails in a vehicle

Mounting of telescopic slides and guide rails in a vehicle: Are you the proud owner of a utility vehicle, van or camping car? Do you drive an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance or fire truck, a van containing your work tools, or less common, a truck for animals transportation ?

And have you ever noticed during a train or tram journey the installation of sliding or linear equipment to improve the ergonomics of use or the maintenance of equipment?

In order to simplify your working and/or travelling methods, you wish to install telescopic slides and guide rails in a vehicle to facilitate access to its contents.


But where do you start?

We invite you to discover this blog article dedicated to the fitting and mounting of our CHAMBRELAN telescopic slides and guide rails in any type of vehicle.


Contents :

  1. Telescopic slide or guide rail?
  2. Examples of applications in a vehicle
  3. Some examples of recommended drawer slides and linear rails in a vehicle
  4. Slide and Tilt kit
  5. Slam Lock Handle

1 – Telescopic slides or guide rails in a vehicle?

Initially, when you want to fit out your vehicle, there is only one question to ask: rather telescopic ball bearing slide or linear guide rail?

From now on you can consult our blog article dedicated to the major characteristics and particularities of these slides, or our presentation videos on Youtube.

Let’s decipher quickly :

A – Drawer slides

A telescopic slide, also known as a slide, ball bearing slide or drawer slide, allows a drawer or tray to be pulled out.

It consists of elements that slide on ball bearings.  Offered in several extensions (partial, total extension or super-extension) these slides will adapt to the desired stroke for your mounting!

Drawer slides


To find out more about the ideal ball bearing slide for your projects, explore our article on this subject!


B – Linear guide rail

As for the linear guide rail, also known as a linear guide, rail, or linear slide, its main function is to guide and not to extend!

For example, it can be used to guide a door or a machine guard. With its runners (ball or roller runners) placed inside the rail, the device to be moved will move from one point to another in a controlled linear manner.

For more information on how to choose the right guide rail for you, see our article on this topic.

2 – Telescopic slides and guide rails in a vehicle:

Now that you know the major similarities and differences between telescopic and linear guides, let’s look at applications that can be realised in a vehicle.

They are numerous and for each idea, CHAMBRELAN will provide you with a solution.

We present the most common solutions for vehicle design:

A – Emergency vehicles

      • Deployment of access ramps for the reception of people with reduced mobility or
      • Stretcher exit,
      • Drawers or pull-out trays: for ergonomic design and clear space saving,
      • Access to the drawers at the top thanks to the slide and tilt drawers

Mounting telescopic slides and guide rails in a vehicle

For more information on the fitting of slides and rails in an emergency medical vehicle, see our article “5 applications of our drawer slide in the medical sector”.

B – Professional vehicles, such as vans or trucks

      • Separation panel for animals: in a horse trailer for example to separate the animals from each other, panels can be installed on linear rails ,
      • Extraction of handling aid systems: using telescopic rails, take any maintenance and repair mechanism you need with you in your van (ladder, winch, tools, etc.).

Mounting telescopic slides and guide rails in a vehicle

C – Public transport

      • Telescopic steps or stairs: for easy getting on and off trains and trams,
      • Extraction of covers, battery boxes or tool boxes for the maintenance of rail transport vehicles,
      • Adjustment of seats and armrests for the transport of persons
      • Opening of sliding access doors by slides or linear guide rails

Heavy duty sliding rails and drawer slides for rail transport

D- Recreational vehicles

      • Fitting out a 4X4: linear ramps to move and install a motorbike, motocross, bicycle …. With the help of guide rails!
      • Fitting out a camping car or van: to save even more space: kitchen units, washbasins, hotplates, etc. can be slid or pulled out using linear or telescopic rails.
      • Whether you’re fitting out ice-cream parlours, food-truck or van/fair stands: think about telescopic slides to unfold your shop fronts and counters!

Mounting telescopic slides and guide rails in a vehicle

The applications are varied, but the stress on the slides from shocks and vibrations is common.

You will find many slides on the market that will deform or even open quickly. CHAMBRELAN manufactures its profiles by cold drawing which resist these difficult conditions. For quality mounting that will last over time, select a recognised manufacturer such as CHAMBRELAN.

3 – Some examples of recommended drawer slides and guide rails in a vehicle :

You are familiar with the special features of CHAMBRELAN drawer slides and guide rails; and you have in mind the different types of vehicle layouts that are possible and feasible.

So, which slide or rail should be used to achieve the ideal mounting for your project?

Here are two examples of our rails which are particularly well suited to the constraints of mounting in a vehicle:

A – Heavy-duty drawer slide RA7R :

The RA7R telescopic ball bearing slide consists of 3 elements. This means a total extension of the slide (100% travel).

It is made of cold-drawn galvanised steel. In order to increase the resistance of this slide,

      • It integrates reinforcing balls in the ball cages which take up the torque forces.
      • It is synchronised: its opening is sequential in order to reduce the effort required to set it in motion.

This means that the RA7R can support loads of up to 355 kg per drawer on major axis!

Various options are available such as :

RA7R - Telescopic slide - Steel - Full Extension

B – Linear rail E50

This guide rail is available in galvanised drawn steel. On request, it can be equipped with one or more runners.

Each runner can support loads of up to 240 kg for the G54 runner and 180 kg for the G52 runner. The higher the number of runners per rail, the greater the load capacity.

These steel runners are hardened by a nitriding treatment.

This rail can be offered as an option with :

      • Nitriding surface treatment for greater resistance to corrosion and vibration, for a metro door for example,
      • Stainless steel ball mounting for improved corrosion resistance
      • Drilling according to a specific plan
      • Cut to the length of your choice
      • All stainless steel version for the same load capacity of the glides
      • Grease and runners adapted to extreme temperatures

E50-G52 Guide rail - Heavy load - Steel - Ball bearing runners

For both major axis and minor axis installation, this rail is perfectly suitable for mounting in emergency, professional or leisure vehicles!

4 – Slide and tilt kit

You are looking to optimise the ideal layout of your vehicle by exploiting all the spaces, even those located on top.

You have decided to equip your truck with a sliding drawer.

Yes, but how do you access it?

CHAMBRELAN has THE solution!

Ergonomic and resistant, we present the SLIDE AND TILT kit for sliding and tilting drawers!

E53GP Drop down drawer slides

We supply you with a complete set for the installation of your sliding drawer, ready to use!

Initially used for emergency vehicles, and therefore extremely resistant, this system will support loads of up to 100 kilos!

In order to install an extractable and tilting drawer, CHAMBRELAN offers three lengths to choose from to best suit your layout :

      • 550 mm
      • 650 mm
      • 1050 mm

To match your mounting environment even more, we offer several options:

      • Special rail lengths,
      • Drilling according to drawing,
      • Rail in stainless steel version …

For full details on the content and operation of this SLIDE AND TILT kit, please see our blog article .

5 – Slam Lock Handle

Finally, there is only one thing you need to take into account when finalising the layout of your vehicle: locking the drawer.

CHAMBRELAN offers two locking systems: manual locks (in three different positions) and locking by Slam lock handle .

In the case of mounting in a vehicle we recommend the Slam lock handle! Robust and resistant and ERGONOMIC they resist the most abusive uses, such as in fire engines.


Locking handle

For more details on this locking option offered by CHAMBRELAN, we invite you to discover our blog article or our Youtube video!


A – DHF – Slam lock handle in close position

The DHF slam lock handle locks the sliding drawer when it is closed.

It is suitable as standard for drawers from 370 mm to 2100 mm wide.

Very easy to use, this slam handle locks and unlocks the drawer when the user presses the central button, with or without protective gloves and using a single finger.

DHF Slam lock handle


B- DHVF – Slam  lock handle in open and closed position

In addition to being locked in the folded position, the drawer can also be locked in the open position with the DHVF lock slam handle.

DHVF Slam lock handle - Lock in opened and closed position


C- DHFDD – SLAM lock Handle  in closed position for double extension slide

Finally, you have the possibility to design a drawer with a bi-lateral opening. Installed on a pair of double extension telescopic slides and locked by the DHFDD slam lock handle your equipment will be able to open on either side and be locked in the central position.

DHFDD Slam lock handle - Double extension drawer

Browse our blog article on how to design a double extension drawer.



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