Chambrelan sliding rails and drawer slides

Linear guide systems adapted to your projects

Since 1956, Chambrelan has specialized in the manufacture of drawer slides or telescopic slides and sliding rails. Chambrelan designs innovative solutions that are constantly improved and ISO9001 certified to meet every requirement and constraint of the technical and industrial sectors: railways, health, aviation, electronics, vehicles…
Our range of linear guides offers a wide choice of sliding rails and drawer slides in stainless steel, aluminium and steel to adapt to heavy or light loads.

Strong and reliable, Chambrelan linear guide systems have been designed with various types of technology giving you several options to choose from: open lock, closed lock, pull-out slides, flat or edge mounts.

The linear guide rails are composed of an assembly of rails, arranged on ball bearings integrating ball cages and stops. They offer several possibilities such as: a horizontal sliding rail, a vertical sliding rail or a sliding tray slide.

All linear guides are also known as: slide, hinge, slide, support rail, sliding rail, sliding slide, telescopic slide, telescopic arm, telescopic rails, translational guide, slide system, slide rail or ball bearing linear guide.

Our entire linear guide system is available in custom sizes to fit any project. Each product is modelled in 2D and 3D to discover the technical aspects of each linear guide system. Do not hesitate to contact our teams.

Linear guidance systems with multiple uses

Chambrelan drawer slides and sliding rails are not limited to a single use. Thanks to the many options available, they can be used as translational guides, suspended sliding door tracks, drawer slides, handling tracks or horizontal guides.

Our entire range of drawer slides and sliding rails is available internationally.

Drawer slide

A drawer slide is an assembly of metal profiles sliding on ball bearings held in ball cages. It is equipped with stops in opening and closing, and ensures the sliding of loads up to 2755.78 pound or over lengths of 6.5617 feet. Available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel, the telescopic ball bearing slides manufactured by Chambrelan allow for partial, total and super-extensions.

Sliding rail

A sliding rail is an assembly composed of a fixed guide profile completed by one or several mobile shoes (up to 3 usually). This wide range of industrial rails is composed of 15 models of ball-bearing sliding rails or rollers and 2 types of lengths, for a smooth and regular sliding under loads from 11.0231 to 1322.7747 pound per shoe.

Locking handle

This kit is a handle with a central control button that allows the drawer to be locked in different positions: drawer in closed position, and/or in open position. It comes in the form of a kit, whose rods can be cut to the dimensions of the mobile device.

Tilting drawer system

This kit, delivered complete for one drawer, allows the extension and the tilting of the drawer. The length of the partial extension and the tilt angle are easily adjustable.

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