Aluminum sliding track

Chambrelan offers sliding rails in 3 materials: aluminium, stainless steel and steel. Chambrelan aluminium sliding rails are designed with one or more ball-bearing or roller runners. The purpose of this linear guiding system is to slide inside a rail for different uses: sliding door in the professional environment, industrial machines, vehicle fitting, electronic racks…


1. Chambrelan, recognised supplier of aluminium sliding rails

A specialist in linear guide solutions since 1956, Chambrelan offers a wide range of drawer slides and sliding rails of different lengths and supporting various loads. Recognised throughout the world, Chambrelan supplies its solutions to many professionals in various countries thanks to a large distribution network.

In Normandy, the entire production chain is carried out in order to guarantee quality material and to provide you with durable guiding systems. In order to offer you the best solutions, technical improvements are regularly made to the products.

2. The advantages of anodised aluminium sliding rails

When aluminium is in contact with air, an oxide film forms and makes it waterproof. To improve its strength, Chambrelan promotes the process of anodising the aluminium. The purpose of this surface treatment is to create a layer of aluminium oxide. The shiny layer remains on the surface and hardens to strengthen the aluminium sliding track. It is insulating and can be coloured.

Anodised aluminium has several advantages: the anodised surface makes the aluminium stronger. The anodised surface makes the aluminium guide rail both strong and light. This type of rail can support heavy loads and is easy to transport and assemble. It is 100% recyclable, has a long service life and does not conduct electricity. The anodised coating is easy to maintain and is not harmful to health.

In addition to being able to withstand heavy loads, anodised aluminium is a material that is resistant to corrosion, scratching and high temperatures. Chambrelan offers various treatments when shipping your order: anti-corrosion, high temperature, greasing.

3. Simple and quick maintenance

All our aluminium sliding rails require little maintenance. Chambrelan greases all linear guide systems in the factory to withstand the many manipulations and guarantee an optimal life span.

If your rails are installed in an abrasive environment, the Chambrelan teams advise regular greasing of your aluminium sliding rails.If aluminum doesn’t suit your environment, we also offer stainless steel sliding rails and steel sliding rails. These materials can also be custom-made to suit your needs.


4. Aluminium sliding rails made to measure according to your needs

Chambrelan wishes to meet all professional projects. Each request is unique, which is why the aluminium sliding rails can be made to measure. Chambrelan studies your needs in collaboration with the engineering, design and production departments. Several characteristics of the aluminium guide rails can be modified according to your specifications: drilling, treatment, length…

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