Easy access to the contents of a high drawer

Easily access the contents of a high drawer? Not always easy!

You plan to install a drawer high up or above your shoulders. To meet health and safety standards, you need to plan for easy access to its contents. CHAMBRELAN has designed an innovative system, easy to handle, quick to install and to set up, of sliding / tilting drawer: the SLIDE AND TILT kit! It makes the contents of the drawer accessible thanks to its simultaneous sliding and tilting forward. Delivered as a complete kit for one drawer, it is easy to install. It can withstand heavy loads up to 100 kilos!

Please note, we do not deliver the drawer!

You have the possibility to mount this tilting drawer system inside a vehicle. Indeed, this kit was initially designed for manufacturers of fire trucks and emergency vehicles. Every single centimeter is designed to optimize space, and access to the contents must be ergonomic and instantaneous!

Contents :

1 – Description of slide and tilt kit

2 – How the Slide and Tilt kit works

3 –  Slam lock handle

4 – Options

1 – Description of slide and tilt kit

The slide and tilt kit is sold with all the necessary accessories to install a pull-out and tilt drawer. We offer three lengths of standard rails held in stock :

  • 550 mm
  • 650 mm
  • 1050 mm

Of course, for all requests for specific lengths, we propose a special manufacture. It includes:

  • Two rails and with ball-bearing runners and pivots. The runners are assembled in the rails. The rails are delivered drilled.
  • Adjustable stops for the rails to control the tilting angle.
  • Wipers that clean the track and absorb the end shocks for the runners.
  • Left and right mounting brackets that guide the front of the drawer

2 – How the Slide and Tilt kit works

This mechanism makes it easy to view and access the contents of telescopic drawers installed at height.  Assembly is quick and easy, thanks to 2 screws for the rail and 2 screws for the support (screws not included). The holes in the rail allow you to adjust the position of the drawer, its extension and angle of inclination.

3 – Slam lock handle

In order to guarantee an optimal locking security when mounted in a vehicle, the  slide and tilt kit is designed to be installed with our different locking handles :

4 – Options

As with our entire CHAMBRELAN product range, we offer many options:

  • Other lengths of rails,
  • Specific drilling according to drawing,
  • Mounting with stainless steel balls in the runners to improve corrosion resistance,
  • Rail in stainless steel version …

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project!

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