Heavy duty sliding rails and drawer slides for rail transport

The rail transport sector imposes technical constraints based on the reliability and longevity of components. Chambrelan’s linear guide solutions meet these requirements. Resistant to extreme conditions (vibrations, intensive use and weather conditions), Chambrelan’s drawer slides ensure the safety of passengers on board while having a long service life. These solutions, standard or custom-made, require very little maintenance, thus limiting maintenance costs.

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Sliding solutions for rolling stock

In the railway sector (train, tramway), sliding rails and drawer slides are used in many applications. As in other markets, Chambrelan stands out for its ability to deliver standardised solutions or to quickly develop customised solutions to meet the most demanding specifications.

The main applications of linear guides in the railway industry are

  • External doors of wagons,
  • Gap fillers (telescopic steps),
  • Seat adjustments,
  • Extraction of front car bonnets,
  • Removal of battery boxes,
  • Removal of toolboxes on both sides of trains,
  • Platform landing doors,
  • Maintenance structures…

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