Super extension drawer slides

Super extension drawer slides with 4 elements

Super extension drawer slides, manufactured by Chambrelan in its production facility, incorporate 4 elements to provide super expansion of the material (150% or more of the length in the closed position). Our super-extension drawer slides are available in standard version or with the addition of options: open, closed, open and closed latch system, edge-mounted or flat-mounted. To best suit your needs, Chambrelan offers a wide range of aluminum slide, stainless steel slides and steel slides.


1. Reliable and robust super extension drawer slides

Made of stainless steel, steel or aluminum, these super extension drawer slides are available in standard version or with the addition of options : open, closed, open and closed latch system, field mount or flat mount…

Our super extension drawer slides are tested over 15000 cycles at maximum loads. They will meet your expectations while remaining silent. To resist heavy loads (up to 550 kg/1212.5434 pounds), the telescopic slides with 4 Chambrelan elements have stainless steel reinforcing balls. These take up crushing and torque, for optimum life and reduced maintenance.

2. Super extension drawer slide options

Several options can be added to Chambrelan super extension drawer slides. Some drawer slides can be locked with our 4 versions of locking handles.

If needed, the super extension drawer slides can be treated against corrosion. This option can be adapted according to the demand. In case the slides are to be subjected to strong vibrations, a hardness treatment will be applied. Greasing can also be applied so that they can withstand high temperatures. Non-lubricated slides can be requested.

3. Applications for super extension drawer slides

Our professional range of drawer slides meet the expectations of various sectors because of their resistance to the heavy loads but also to the environment they will face.

They are intended for several applications:

  • the railway sector thanks to their resistance to vibrations and constant use.
  • the industrial sector for protective coverings and industrial machines.
  • the automotive sector for vehicle fittings: ambulance, fire truck, etc.
  • to the electronic sector to facilitate the sliding of electronic racks.

4. Receipt and assembly of your super extension drawer slides

Upon receiving your order, please reset the drawer slides. Quickly open them several times until they extend effortlessly. Before starting to assemble the super extension drawer slides, check the parallelism of the structure and when tightening, the torque of the screws used. Be careful, if you do not respect the width of the device, the width of your structure and the thickness of the slides, the ball cages of the super extension drawer slides may shift.

Do you have a particular request, about a drilling plan, a surface treatment, a specific assembly, etc.? Send us your technical criteria using your account or the contact form and get a personalized quote.

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