Slides for industrial machines

Resistant industrial ball bearing slides

The manufacture of industrial slides for machines in the industrial sector must meet several technical requirements. These must be both durable, easy to fit and replace, and able to operate efficiently over long production cycles. In the event of a component failure, a technical stop of the machine may be necessary. This temporary or long-term stoppage will have a negative impact on the entire production process.

Linear guides, designed by Chambrelan, are used in several fields on industrial machines: opening of machine housings or covers, movement of panels, control screens, or tools on a workstation…
In addition to their many uses, roller tracks allow industrial machines to achieve high speeds with smooth, backlash-free movement, even in the presence of residue or contamination (sawdust, dust, etc.).

Industrial ball bearing slides are widely used for the removal of compartments or machine components during maintenance.
Chambrelan drawer slides are suitable for all conditions of use thanks to the many possible variations :

  • lengths from 150 mm to 2 m or more
  • extensions of up to 150% of the folded length
  • load capacity from a few kilos to 1.5 tonnes
  • materials available in steel, aluminium or stainless steel
  • treatment on request for high temperature applications

Finally, to meet the needs of industrial machines operating in wet environments or in contact with corrosive agents, all Chambrelan industrial sliding rail solutions are available with anti-corrosion treatments.

Do you have a question about integrating our products into industrial machinery? Contact us to find out more about our slides and sliding rails. We offer custom-made products to meet all your needs.


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