5 applications of our drawer slides in the medical sector

CHAMBRELAN has developed telescopic slides and rails for the demanding applications of the medical industry.

The activity of the actors in the medical world has never been so intense with the health crisis that emerged in 2019! More than ever, the need for efficient, safe and reliable medical equipment is crucial, and manufacturing companies around the world are mobilising to contribute their know-how.

CHAMBRELAN is proud to maintain a relationship of trust with many medical equipment manufacturers. From medicine storage trolleys to hospital sliding doors, or MRI, our translation solutions have been used in the manufacture of many essential products.

We present the use of our products in 5 different applications, helping healthcare workers on the front line!

Contents :

1 – drawer for drug storage
2 – double extension drawer for laboratory transfer modules
3 – medical bed
4 – sliding door
5 – emergency vehicle

1 – Drawer for drug storage

Do you need to create a drawer to store medicines in a cabinet or fridge? That’s our core business!

The telescopic slide is ideal for this type of mounting! As standard, we offer folded lengths from 150 mm up to 2 metres!

Available in three types of extensions (partial, total extension or over-extension) you can adapt its travel to your needs!

The load that our slides can support ranges from a few kilos (ideal for supporting the weight of medicine boxes) up to 1,500 tons for ultra heavy loads! The loads are indicated for mounting on major axis and per pair of slides!

The slides are made of anodised aluminium, galvanised steel or all stainless steel. Stainless steel slides are required in pharmaceutical environments! We can also offer specific treatments to harden our telescopic slides and thus guarantee the quality of our hinges over time!

Various options are available to get as close as possible to your project:

Example of a telescopic slide : ST26

The stainless steel telescopic slide with partial extension is designed in two parts and is ideal for loads up to 80 kilos, often more than enough for the storage of medicine boxes; this slide is also available in galvanised steel version!

2 – Double extension drawer for laboratory bi-directionnal drawers

Do you need to design a double extension drawer or a transfer module in a clean room? We have solutions! We have written a blog article on this subject to introduce you to this double extension option “designing a double extension drawer“!

In laboratory transfer modules to avoid contamination and the spread of viruses, it is sometimes essential to create a double extension drawer!

CHAMBRELAN offers this double extension option on certain ranges of telescopic slides! Easy to use, the drawer can be opened and closed by operators located in 2 separate rooms.

Available in partial or total extension !

Example of a double extension telescopic slide :


Telescopic steel slide with three elements, the E1700DD opens on one side and on the other! Very robust, this slide from the “I” range can support loads of up to 550 kilos on major axis! Also available in a standard all stainless steel version without the option of a two-sided opening!

To ensure the ergonomic use of this double extension system, CHAMBRELAN has created a ergonomic slam lock handle for double extension drawers to lock the drawer in a central position and use it on either side of the drawer.


This locking handle is installed on each drawer side. CHAMBRELAN provides you with a complete kit ready to install! With the help of a central button (red), unlocking is simple and efficient. For more details, please refer to the following article: “locking on sliding drawer“!


3 -Medical bed

You are certainly familiar with the working principle of hospital beds. And you have already noticed the peculiarity of these beds that can be raised, whose backrests can be raised or whose armrests (of beds and chairs) can be lowered.

Our CHAMBRELAN telescopic slides and linear guide rails are installed in these devices! Indeed, our slides can be adapted to each project thanks to :

    • a custom-made manufacture (length and development),
    • the addition of stop locks

We specialise in heavy to ultra-heavy loads and our hinges can then support up to more than a tonne per pair of slides!

Whether it is for hospital beds, recovery room beds or outpatient beds or stretchers, we are present wherever equipment for healthcare personnel is indispensable!

Example of guide rails and telescopic rails:

The ST50 linear rail:

This stainless steel linear guide rail consists of one or more stainless steel recirculating ball bearing recirculating runners that can support heavy loads: up to 180 kg on edge per runner GS52 and 240 kg on edge per runner GS54.

Please note:
These load capacities are halved when monting on minor axis!
Also available in a zinc-plated steel version, the steel runner hardened by nitriding treatment G52 and G54 are also available from stock.

The ST558 telescopic slide :

This stainless steel ball bearing telescopic slide consists of 4 elements to offer users a 150% travel! For example, a 1000mm ST558 slide offers a 1500mm extension for a total developed length of 2500mm ! Ideal for a super development while supporting heavy loads up to more than 115 kilos ! Also available in a galvanised steel version, the RA554M slide can support similar loads for the same mounting conditions. You have the possibility to request a treatment to harden the steel and thus improve the quality of life of your slide.

For these two versions you can also install a locking system to optimise your project or adapt your slide for vertical mounting! With CHAMBRELANeverything is possible!


4 – Sliding door for transfer modules

Ubiquitous in a laboratory, transfer modules must open and close without users being able to touch a handle in order to avoid any type of contamination!

This is why automatic sliding door kits are the most widespread in these environments! Thus, at CHAMBRELAN, we offer our linear rails and telescopic slides to meet this need. For mounting both horizontally and vertically, here are some examples of what we offer:

The ST53 guide rail

The special feature of this ST53 stainless steel rail is that 4 different types of runners can be inserted according to the customer’s request:

  • GS53 and GS57 recirculating ball bearing runners for monting on major axis loads of 170 kg and 110 kg per runner respectively!
  • BS53 and BP53 rollers runners for monting on major axis loads of 100 kg and 75 kg per runner, respectively! Quieter than their recirculating ball bearing runners, the roller runners will ensure smooth and discreet sliding!

The ST53 stainless steel rail is also available in a version in galvanised steel and anodised aluminium (only with polyamide-coated roller runners for the latter version).

In addition, in the recirculating ball bearing version, you can install a wiper kit to clean the raceway of dust and impurities and thus improve the sliding of your door.

When mounting from the guillotine, from the bottom up or from the top down, there is no need to consult us to make changes to your track! In fact, you can install it without any change to raise and lower your sliding door or any other arrangement requiring this action.

The telescopic slide E1018

But you also have the choice of the telescopic slide for the installation of your sliding door! This slide from our “I” range is robust and resistant! Available in stainless steel or galvanised steel versions, it can withstand ultra-heavy loads of up to a tonne! Ideal for a sliding walkway! Also available in a double extension version for opening and closing in one direction and then the other!

When mounting the E1018 slide in the “up and down” type, some additions have to be made to the slide itself to prevent the ball cages from shifting due to gravity! Do not hesitate to consult our sales team to discuss your projects together.

5 – Emergency vehicle :

Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, vehicles for transporting people with reduced mobility or the handicapped, all these emergency vehicles must be equipped with sliding drawers and lifts to optimise the space or with ramps to facilitate instant access to the various equipment!

CHAMBRELAN is constantly working with the nursing staff and industrial bodywork specialists to innovate and meet their needs!

Please note that the profiling technology used by CHAMBRELANis widely tested in vibrating environments:

  • Cold work-hardening makes the surface of slide and rail profiles particularly hard.
  • These work-hardened surfaces are perfectly resistant to vibrations, which is why Chambrelan products are also used in the structure of trains, for sliding tramway doors or in aircraft seats.

Thus we offer several sliding systems and accessories, come and discover them below:

glissières et rails pour aménagement de véhicules

This kit for sliding and tilting drawers is appreciated in emergency vehicles in order to store all the equipment that the rescuers will need at height, while optimising the space in the truck! Thus, this kit installed on an already existing high drawer will make the work of the on-board personnel easier! Supporting a load of around 100 kilos, this kit is available in three lengths to adapt to each project and mounting!

We invite you to read our blog article to understand how this kit works: Easily access the contents of a high drawer”.

Moreover, you have the possibility to insert a ergonomic handle on this same drawer, in closed or open and closed position to secure this storage space while driving the vehicle! This ergonomic handle can be unlocked very simply by pressing the button positioned in the centre of the handle. Even with gloves on, whether you are right or left handed, you will be able to operate this handle with just your thumb! Ideal when working in an emergency!

This ball bearing slide is the bestseller slide of our range! Robust and efficient, it is offered in a total extension (100% development) and supports heavy loads up to 175 kilos when mounting on major axis! It is also resistant to abuse during interventions. Ideal for mounting in a vehicle as it can withstand vibrations, this slide is available in stainless steel and anodised aluminium!

In addition, three locking options are available as well as the double extension option and the “guillotine” type mounting!

Glissières acier à billes repliée

The Czech police are adept at using our product to equip their police vehicles designed with retractable technical platforms placed in the luggage trunk of their vehicles!

Come and discover this project through the following article “At the side of the police force


Any project related or not to the medical sector, do not hesitate to contact us!


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