Partially extended telescopic drawer slides

Chambrelan is the reference for industrial slides and sliding slides. A wide range is available to support heavy loads in extreme conditions. These innovative products make everyday life easier and meet the needs of various sectors such as logistics, aeronautics, medicine and railways. A team dedicated to the manufacture of slides does its utmost to provide quality material.


1. Chambrelan 2-element drawer slides

Chambrelan partial extension slides are equipped with two elements designed in aluminium, steel or stainless steel. This very compact equipment offers the user a partial extension of the material thanks to a perfectly fluid and silent sliding system.

In addition to their different materials, these partial extension drawer slides are available depending on the load profile to be supported. Telescopic slides for moderate or heavy loads are equipped with stainless steel reinforcement balls to absorb the crushing and torsional moments exerted on the material.
Each Chambrelan partial extension slide reference incorporates options to meet your technical requirements: open locking, closed locking, open and closed locking, double stroke…

Reliable equipment requiring little maintenance

Our slides are designed to be easy to use. In addition to quick installation on your equipment, the slides require little maintenance. When shipped, the slides are oiled so they are immediately operational. Only one cleaning per year will be necessary to ensure their efficiency.

2. Tailor-made telescopic slides with partial extension

For any specific request, the Chambrelan teams are at your disposal to design a made-to-measure partial extension slide, adapted to your equipment and the type of assembly envisaged (vertical upward assembly, vertical downward assembly, flat assembly…).

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