Linear guidance for vehicle fittings

Linear guidance systems adapted to vehicle fittings

The fitting out of vehicles requires the use of materials and components designed to withstand sometimes extreme conditions (cabin vibrations, collisions, wet or dusty environments).

For the fitting of professional vehicles or public works vehicles, guides and slides are required. These professional guide systems must not only be reliable and easy to use, but must also allow for the optimisation of the available space.

The professional slides used for these applications must be resistant to impact and vibration and must also perform well even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as corrosion, dirt, dust and temperature variations.

Linear guides are used in many applications, depending on their qualities of compactness, robustness and resistance to heavy loads. They incorporate a wide range of anti-corrosion or punching resistance surface treatments.
Telescopic slides, combined with the DHF steel locking handle, provide turnkey solutions for the end customer.

The main applications for ball bearing slides and linear guide rails are

  • Seat adjustment of construction vehicles
  • Extraction of landing ramps
  • Door opening
  • Roof opening system
  • Control panel adjustment
  • Extension of emergency winches
  • Battery drawer
  • Tool drawers
  • Super-extension slides for easy handling of generators
  • Pivot slides for immediate and convenient access to the contents of high drawers
  • Double extension slides for access from either side of the vehicle
Do you have a question about the use of our products for vehicle fittings? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our slides and sliding rails. Chambrelan specializes in tailor-made designs to meet our customers’ requirements.

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