Full extension drawer slides

3-element full extension drawer slides

Chambrelan full extension drawer slides or full extension telescopic slides are equipped with three elements to offer the user a complete solution. Unlike partial extension slides, full extension drawer slides incorporate an intermediate element to provide additional extension. This industrial equipment is made from top-quality materials, so you can be sure it’s right for your business. Chambrelan manufactures slides in stainless steel drawer slides , steel drawer slides or aluminum drawer slides.


1. Full extension drawer slides for any application

Full extension drawer slides are suitable for many applications such as full extension of a drawer to access all contents, seat adjustment in transport vehicles or access extraction ramps.

Designed for light, moderate or heavy loads (up to 1,500 kg/​​3306.9366 pounds), Chambrelan full extension drawer slides offer optimal durability. The surface treatments applied to Chambrelan full extension drawer slides allow these components to adapt perfectly to each type of environment (corrosive, dusty, humid…).

These industrial slides are made of stainless steel, steel or aluminum. They can include different options, just like the partial extension drawer slides, to meet each technical specification double stroke, open, closed, open and closed lock, detachable system… To make your choice easier, the guide selector will allow you to choose the reference that best suits your requirements.

2. The sectors for full extension drawer slides

Chambrelan proposes various solutions to offer full extension drawer slides adapted to all your needs but also resistant to the environment in which they will be installed. The drawer slides meet the requirements of several sectors: railway, industrial, automotive, electronic, medical or aeronautical.

3. Full extension drawer slides fully adapted to your needs

For specific requests, Chambrelan offers the design of custom-made full extension drawer slides. It is possible to choose the folded length, the drilling, the mounting pins, the surface treatment, the type of lubrication and the development.

Do not hesitate to contact the Chambrelan team, by phone, email or via the form for your custom-made drawer slides.

4. Quick and easy installation of super extension drawer slides

Once you have received your order, we advise you to open your super extension drawer slides several times in a row. The objective is to reset them so that they will unfold easily. Once this step is completed, the drawer slides can be mounted. It is important to check the parallelism and the torque of the screws. These verifications allow to avoid a shift of the ball cages.

In case of a more specific request, Chambrelan offers you a detailed study of your needs (length of the elements, drilling plan, surface treatments…) to design a custom-made full extension drawer slide.

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