Innovative slides dedicated to the aerospace industry

The development of a range of specific slides

Chambrelan develops its solutions to meet the requirements of new sectors. References adapted to aeronautics have been designed to meet the challenges of this field.

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Sliding solutions for SEATS in aerospace & rolling stock

Aeronautics requires materials that are both light and able to support heavy loads. The design office has designed a telescopic slide adapted to this problem. The E1432 slide is the latest solution developed by the Chambrelan design office. This new model is tailor-made to design innovative Business and First Class cabin seats. It supports loads of up to 200 kilos while maintaining a low density for the aircraft. These slides will transform the cabin seats into a bed by linear translation. This innovation is suitable for small spaces due to its compactness, load-bearing capacity, crashworthiness and weight reduction.

New slides will be offered to accommodate related elements: armrests, headrests, footrests, shelves and partitions…

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