Drop down drawer slides


This complete kit is used to create a sliding and tilting drawer and makes the contents of the drawer accessible at shoulder height. Loads up to 100kg.


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Table of lengths

The characteristics given on this website correspond to standard manufacture or usual requirements. Our position as a manufacturer enables us to offer great flexibility in order to meet the most specific requirements.
Closed length Stock Please select
550 mm--
650 mm--
1050 mm--


To facilitate access to items stored at height, particularly in fire engines, Chambrelan has designed a sliding and tilting drawer system. Easy to install, this system allows access to heavy loads (up to 100 kg) located above the shoulder.


Chambrelan specialises in the design and manufacture of telescopic ball bearing slides and guide rails for industrial applications: reinforced slides, linear slides, ball bearing guides, rolling guides, metal runners in steel, aluminium, stainless steel with locking, blocking and in full extension, partial extension, double stroke or super extension for heavy duty industrial drawers, mechanical panels.


As standard, our slides are delivered lightly greased from the factory. We use a high pressure bearing grease for steel slides, and a white grease for aluminium and stainless steel slides. On request, we can use a food grade grease (clean room compatible), a high temperature grease, a teflon free grease (paint booths) or a greaseless assembly (although we do not recommend this).
A food grade grease, combined with stainless steel balls, offers an economical alternative to all stainless steel slides.


To meet your exact requirements, our tilting drawer systems can be made to measure: material, length, material treatment, accessories and fixing holes.
If you have any specific requests regarding the length of the pull-out and tilting drawer kit, please contact Chambrelan’s customer service by phone or e-mail.

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