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For every application there are ball bearing slides

The range of applications is very wide: drawer slides, sliding door guides, sliding rails, telescopic ball bearing drawer slides, door runners, or keyboard drawers… The areas of application are limitless.

Chambrelan drawer slides are reliable and robust guides. Mounted on edge, in pairs, with an evenly distributed load, our drawer slides will give you complete satisfaction.

The rules of good assembly are simple:

  • Use of all the fixings provided
  • Respect the parallelism of the industrial slides
  • Squareness of the slides (for the stops)
  • Flatness of the bearing surfaces.

Drawer and ball bearing slide rails for cash machines

Chambrelan, manufacturer of industrial linear solutions, has developed professional slides for vending machines. These industrial slides for drawers simplify maintenance operations and the reloading of equipment.

Heavy duty drawer slides and rails for rail transport

In the railway field (train, tramway), reliability and longevity are the two areas of component selection. Reliability because the safety of passengers is paramount. This means that extreme conditions, large temperature variations, weathering, vibrations and intensive and prolonged use of mechanical components must be taken into account. Durability, as operators require robust and reliable drawer slides and sliding rails to ensure a long service life with low maintenance costs. Tailor-made solutions are offered to meet the extremely demanding specifications.

Drawer and sliding rails for industrial machines

Efficiency is a key concept for industrial machines used in production: machines and workstations must be able to function properly for long cycles, often with critical phases or contaminating and corrosive substances. The slightest malfunction or circumstance that causes the machine to stop generates an immediate loss of efficiency in the production process and therefore costs.

Drawer slides and sliding rails for protective coverings

Mounted on RA44 drawer slides, this cover prevents access to the controls by unauthorised persons. As the load to be supported in extension is minimal, these slides can be mounted flat.

Linear guidance system for vehicle fittings

Solutions dedicated to vehicle fittings involve a rigorous selection of components to meet the requirements of the automotive sector (vibration, shock, humidity..). Linear guidance systems must operate efficiently even in the most severe applications.

Drawers and sliding rails for electronic racks

This two-piece cabinet must be able to open to allow technicians to intervene. This low-cost solution saves space and improves maintenance conditions and costs. The high height of the drawer required the use of stabilising rails at the top to avoid the phenomenon of “swaying”.

Drawer slides and sliding rails for aeronautics

Chambrelan drawer slides and sliding rails meet the needs and constraints of the aeronautical sector (loads, crash resistance, lightweight parts, reduced space). These solutions are designed for aircraft seats and their components: armrests, headrests or footrests.

Drawer slides and sliding rails for the medical sector

The medical sector requires reliable and durable solutions to ensure quality medical equipment and to support health care personnel. Chambrelan’s drawer slides and sliding rails have been used in the manufacture of many items of equipment in the medical sector, such as medicine storage drawers, medical lift beds and emergency vehicles.


Do you have a question about using our products in your industry? Contact us to find out more about our slides and sliding rails. We offer custom-made products to meet all our customers’ needs.


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