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Discover our range of sliding rails. These heavy-duty guides are ideal for all your technical projects. To meet all the needs of the different fields of application in which our sliding rails can be integrated. We offer two different rail types: sliding rails with roller runners and ball bearing sliding rails.


1. The composition of the sliding rails

The sliding rails are made of recirculating ball bearing runners that slide inside a rail. This system is equipped with taps to fix the object.
This assembly consists of a fixed guide profile with 2 ball tracks and one (or more) mobile ball bearing runners.
The shoes are “matched” to the rail that receives them.
The sliding rails are made of cold drawn steel. This material allows them to support heavy loads. It also has the added benefits of being corrosion resistant.

2. Why choose Chambrelan's sliding rails ?

Chambrelan designs its products and supplies them internationally. Specialized in telescopic slides and sliding rails since 1956, Chambrelan has acquired a know-how guaranteeing a high quality material. In order to offer products adapted to your needs, the solutions are constantly being improved.

3. Precise sliding rails with high load capacities

Chambrelan, manufacturer of sliding rails since 1956, offers a large choice of track runner (15 models and 8 lengths). They come in several shapes and sizes to fit even the smallest spaces and meet all your professional needs. Sliding rails are very durable due to their high resistance to heavy loads. The different types of runners have a high rigidity for loads ranging from 5/11.0231 to 600 kg/1322.7747 pounds per runner while allowing a smooth and regular sliding motion.
The sliding rails are very precise when moving even with heavy loads.

4. A sliding rail system that is easy to integrate and install

The maximum length of a sliding rail is 3 meters/9.8425 feet (5 meters/16.4042 feet maximum for some rails). For very long lengths, the Chambrelan sliding rails can be prepared for a butt joint assembly fixed with screws.

Please note that drilling is optional. If not specifically requested by the customer, the rail will be delivered undrilled.

Each base plate has two threaded holes for fixing the mobile device. The diameters and positions of the holes cannot be changed on the pads.

Rubber stops are also supplied as end stops.

All the data required for the installation of Chambrelan sliding rails is available in our catalogue and on our website. In addition, all drawings are available on our website, in different file formats for quick incorporation into CAD/CAM applications.

5. Cold drawn steel sliding rail

The sliding rail is manufactured from a cold drawn steel profile (some small rails are made of aluminum).

This method of manufacture causes a work hardening that gives the material the wear resistant qualities of a semi-hard steel.

6. Sliding rails requiring little maintenance

Lubricated at the factory with a high-pressure rolling grease for an optimal life span, Chambrelan sliding rails require little maintenance. An anti-corrosion treatment is supplied at the time of shipment.

In case of special conditions (abrasiveness, high speed), it is recommended to plan a regular and systematic maintenance of the sliding rails. Generally, an annual lubrication is sufficient to maintain your equipment.

7. Sliding rails made to measure for your projects

If you cannot find suitable linear rails in our range, Chambrelan can manufacture your sliding rails to measure. It is possible to choose the length, the drilling plans, the type of treatment and lubrication, the accessories and the material adapted to your professional environment.

8. How much temperature can sliding rails withstand?

The environment can subject your sliding rails to varying temperatures. Designed in stainless steel or steel, Chambrelan offers solutions adapted to extreme degrees from -4°F to 176°F.

Special greases make it possible to obtain sliding rails that can withstand temperatures from -85°F to 752°F. If you need, contact us.

9. Ball bearing skid

A double recirculating ball bearing block slides in a fixed rail. Its design makes it a particularly load-resistant system. It is therefore adapted to industrial environments but generates noise during its movement.

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10. Roller skates

A roller block slides in a fixed rail. The central roller is adjustable, which allows, during assembly, to adjust the freedom of movement and the play. Its sliding is particularly smooth and quiet.

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11. Scraper kit

As an option, we can offer a scraper kit to be superimposed on certain recirculating ball bearing pads. They allow larger impurities to be pushed out of the track. They ensure a partial protection of the ball bearings. If you have any questions about our sliding rails, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can best meet your needs.

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