Slides and rails for electronic racks

Professional slides for electronic racks

The maintenance of electronic systems requires the use of electronic cabinets with easy openings with optimised access. This opening system, achieved through the installation of professional slides and sliding rails, allows the user to gain efficiency while reducing the space required for storage and proper operation of equipment.

Chambrelan telescopic slides made of aluminium, steel or stainless steel, have different extension lengths and load capacities. In case of high drawer heights, the use of stabilising slides on the upper part will eliminate the “swaying drawer” phenomenon.

The different slide extensions for electronic cabinets

In order to facilitate the handling of electronic cabinets, Chambrelan designs slides composed of several elements. This system offers an extension of up to 2 m. Three types of extensions are available :

partial extension for environments where space is limited
Full extension for full extension to access the entire drawer while supporting heavy loads
the super extension is designed to offer 150% extension of their folded length

To choose the right slide for your project, please contact the Chambrelan teams for advice.

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