Steel sliding rail

Since 1956, Chambrelan has been manufacturing demanding solutions to meet the demands of industry professionals. To ensure quality equipment, Chambrelan is supported by a team of engineers and developers to make regular technical improvements to the range of drawer slides and sliding rails.

The sliding rails allow easy handling of industrial sliding doors or lift beds in the medical environment. Several materials are offered to best suit your needs, with our stainless steel sliding rails and aluminium sliding track.


1. The manufacture of zinc-plated steel rails

Made of carbon steel, galvanised steel rails are treated using a technique that wraps the steel rail with a layer of zinc. This procedure, carried out in Normandy, makes the steel resistant to corrosion.

Once this process has been completed, the steel guide rail is zinc coated. This material offers smooth and consistent sliding even with heavy loads while resisting corrosion.

2. Our zinc-plated steel rails track models

When choosing your galvanised steel sliding track you must, firstly, choose the desired length. Once this is done, you need to take into account the loads that the zinc-plated steel tracks will have to withstand. The loads are important as they determine the type of runner to choose.

Zinc-plated steel rails with ball bearing pads

The ball bearing pad offers the highest load capacity. This makes it ideally suited to the industrial field. Chambrelan ball bearing sliding steel rails consist of two parts: the fixed rail and the recirculating ball bearing that slides inside the profile.

Made of steel, aluminium or stainless steel, the ball bearing rails with ball bearing blocks can support loads of up to 600 kg.

Particularly suitable for industrial environments, these heavy-duty sliding track systems generate little noise when moving. Rigid and precise, Chambrelan ball bearing sliding rails can be adapted to the needs of each user in terms of length and loads supported on edge and flat.

Zinc-plated steel rails with roller shoes

The roller sliding rails, developed by Chambrelan, consist of two elements: the linear rail and the roller shoe. The roller shoe slides silently inside the fixed rail.

Recommended for medium loads, up to 100 kg, these sliding systems offer a reduced space requirement and a virtually silent operating system.

For more specific uses, Chambrelan offers additional options to “personalise” the roller sliding track models: lubrication, drilling to plan, locking system, surface treatment…

3. Maintenance of zinc-plated steel rails

The maintenance of steel rails is simple. Chambrelan simplifies maintenance and offers several specific treatments: nitriding, zinc plating with high corrosion resistance… as well as special greases such as: food grade grease, white grease, Teflon-free grease or a grease-free treatment.

For the manufacture of sliding roller tracks adapted to your technical constraints, contact the Chambrelan sales department by telephone or by e-mail via the contact form.

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