Locking a sliding drawer

Locking a sliding drawer… You have designed a sliding drawer with our telescopic slides. You may have used our guide, which details which slide to choose for your project? Now you want to install a locking device on your assembly.

Here are the solutions available to you:

But if you are unable to install a lock integrated into your telescopic slide, we offer :


ERGONOMIC  Slam Lock handles


  • Bespoke and ready to use:
    • Delivered as acomplete stainless steel kit with assembly instructions
    • Several lengths to choose from depending on the width and depth of your drawer
    • Installation for horizontal or vertical installation
    • Installation on drawer or pull-out panel


  •  Sturdy and resistant:
    • Initially designed for fire fighters to withstand any manipulation during emergency interventions, these handles can withstand tensile forces of up to :
      • 50 kilos in the horizontal direction
      • 38 kilos in vertical direction
  •  Ergonomics :
    •  Use by right- or left-handed people
    •  With or without protective gloves
    •  Automatic slam-lock handle

Chambrelan has created 4 models of handles for 4 different needs.

We bring you the locking system you need! Discover our installation presentation video

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Contents :

  1. Ergonomic handle
  2. Slam lock handle
  3. Double slam lock handle
  4. Slam lock handle for double extension
  5. Options

1 – Ergonomic handle

The ergonomic handle is ideal if you wish to install a handle, without locking option, to open and close a sliding drawer, a machine cover, a door or any other installation requiring this action.  Chambrelan, has designed this ergonomic ready-to-use handle in overall dimensions of :

  • Length 365 mm
  • Height 40 mm
  • Thickness 38 mm

Poignée tiroir simple

2 – Slam lock Handle:

Do you only need a lock in the closed position? Then the slam lock handle is just what you need! Simple to use, a button, placed in the centre of this plastic handle, is to be pressed to unlock the kit. The dimensions fit drawers from 370 to 2100 mm wide.

3 – Double slam lock handle:

Does your project require locking in both folded and unfolded positions? Chambrelan offers a complete kit of double slam lock handle. Several sizes are available to fit drawers of :

  •  Width of : 370 to 2100 mm
  • Depth of : 150 to 1950 mm


4 – Slam lock handle for double extension drawers:

Is a two-way opening of your drawer necessary? As, for example, in laboratory airlock, or on assembly lines. You have already installed double extension telescopic slides for this type of setting. Chambrelan has adapted its locking system to these two-sided installations, by proposing the double-development slam lock handle. You can therefore open and close your drawer in both direction and lock your installation in a central position. It adapts to drawers of the same dimensions as the double slam lock handle

  • Width of : 370 mm to 2100 mm
  • Depth of : 150 mm to 1950 mm


5 – Options:

  •  Colour:
    we can offer you the lock handle in yellow colour.
  • Other dimensions possible
    to fit drawers of different sizes.
  •  Indexing: safety lock every X milimeter.
    If you wish to build a guillotine screen that locks, for example, every 50 mm. All you have to do is machine a flat plate drilled in 50mm steps and install it on each side of the door. So, if the user releases the control knob, the lock will engage at the next index.

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