Double Development Sliders

The two-way drawer slides offer the possibility of opening a drawer from both sides of the fixed cabinet. This two-way system is a synchronised assembly of ball-bearing rails with ball cages and fitted with stops. There are several points to consider when choosing a two-way slide.


1. The characteristics of two-way slides

Chambrelan drawer slides each have their own specificities in terms of length, loads and the materials they are made from.

Partial extension two-way slides

In order to meet the widest range of demands, the range of two-way slides is produced in lengths from 150 mm/5,90551 pouces up to 2 metres / 2.1872 yard. Among the models, the two-way telescopic slides are offered in partial extension. It is also possible to manufacture customised two-way slides especially for customers’ projects.

These slides are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminium and can handle light to heavy loads. If you have limited access in and around the cabinet and need access from both sides, partial extension slides are the answer.

Full extension two-way slides

Full extension two-way slides consist of 3 elements and open to 100% of the folded length. Like the partial extension slides, they are available in galvanised steel, stainless steel or anodised aluminium. They can withstand various loads, from light to heavy (up to 1000 kg). This extension is one of the most commonly used.

2. The available options of two-way slides

Several options can be added to the two-way slides:

  • manual locking to lock the drawer in the central position using a locking handle DHFDD
  • surface treatment to resist aggressive environments (corrosion, high temperatures…) or to optimise the life of the equipment in case of intensive use
  • mounting with stainless steel balls to improve corrosion resistance
  • the choice of the development length
  • lubrication of the slide

In addition to these options, Chambrelan does not only offer pre-designed models. Each project has different needs and constraints. Chambrelan can manufacture custom-made double-travel slides regarding extension length, load capacity, treatments ; drillings or even mounting accessories.

3. The applications of two-way slides

Two-way slides offer the possibility to pull a drawer from two sides. This system offers many advantages in different sectors, notably in the medical field for : laboratory airlocks, pharmacies, hospitals… They are also commonly used in vehicles and trains, as well as in postal and bank counters…

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