Steel drawer slides

Since 1956, Chambrelan has been supporting players in the industrial sector by offering high-quality drawer slides. These slides are designed for the development of drawers or trays and are generally installed in pairs. We offer our drawer slides in standard models, as well as made-to-measure solutions for specific projects. In addition to our steel drawer slides, you can also find stainless steel slide or aluminium drawer slides.


1. Why choose steel drawer slides

Chambrelan offers steel drawer slides for all types of development required. From partial extension with 2 elements to total extension with 3 elements. You can also find runners with a 4-element super-extension system and double-extension telescopic steel runners. All our steel drawer slides are made from zinc-coated steel to protect them from corrosion and rust over time. Our slides require very little maintenance and are highly resistant over time.

Available in a range of lengths, our galvanised steel slides are available with or without a locking system, depending on your requirements. For your information, it is sometimes impossible to add a locking system if the size of the steel runner is too small. In addition, locks are not recommended for vertical installation. If you have any questions, our teams can help you set up your project and advise you on the most suitable steel telescopic slide solutions.

What’s more, our steel slides are delivered with a white galvanised anti-corrosion protection, which provides excellent resistance in salt spray tests. In addition to this protection, we can apply food-grade greases compatible with cleanrooms on request. It is also possible to add a high-temperature grease or a Teflon-free grease to the steel slides, depending on your project.

2. Made-to-measure telescopic steel slides

Discover all our models of telescopic steel slides here. We can adapt to your needs and manufacture to measure for any type of industry and according to your project. If you have a question about one of our products or a specific request, contact the Chambrelan teams to find the best answer to your questions about zinc-plated steel slides. The length, treatment during manufacture and many other elements can be modulated to best suit your project.

3. More information about our galvanised steel slides

The product sheets for all our steel slides provide additional information and product characteristics. In particular, you’ll find 3D models and downloadable technical data sheets for each steel drawer slide in its standard model. If you have any specific requests or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our teams will be happy to provide you with information about our steel drawer slides.

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