Sliding rails with roller runners

Discover a wide selection of sliding tracks with roller runners. Depending on your needs, we can meet your requirements with customized manufacturing for your projects incorporating sliding tracks with roller runners. We manufacture our roller tracks for all environments and industrial applications.


1. Sliding rails with roller runners - Applications Areas

We offer sliding tracks for aeronautics, railways, medical equipment, industrial machinery and vehicle fittings. Chambrelan is a specialist in sliding tracks with roller runners that slide silently inside the fixed track. Our products are manufactured in different materials: steel, stainless steel or aluminum, depending on the loads and environment in which they are to be installed.

2. The benefits of roller runners

Roller runners offer many advantages. First of all, sliding is smooth and quiet. What’s more, the roller in the center is adjustable, allowing you to set its displacement and clearance during assembly. It’s important to remember that each skate supports a specific load. As the number of runners increases, so does the load capacity.

3. Aluminum sliding track with roller runners

We present our D52-BP53 aluminum sliding track with roller runners as standard. It is available in a wide range of lengths from 300 mm to 3000 mm. This linear guideway is reserved for medium loads in applications requiring a small footprint, such as a small hood or housing to protect the machine. In addition, we recommend that you avoid fitting these guides in applications subject to strong vibrations, as the balls quickly dull the profile. This type of product does not cope well with torque loads, so always consider balancing the load under one or more skids. Ideal operating temperatures range from -20° to 100°C. Moreover, this aluminum rail is the one that can withstand the highest loads.

4. Steel sliding rails with roller runners

Our galvanized steel sliding rails are treated using the zinc coating technique. This process takes place at our plant in Normandy, France, and makes the steel corrosion-resistant. Once this stage has been completed, the steel guide rail is zinc-coated, giving it smooth, even running even under heavy loads.  

Both of our steel rails with roller shoes feature a manual locking system

Chambrelan offers 2 types of steel roller track: 

  • The E53-BP53 is a model with a maximum load capacity of 225 kg. What’s more, its length can be adjusted to your needs up to 2500 mm. 
  • The plastic-coated BP53 glide has 3 steel rollers.

Model E53-BS53 consists of a galvanized steel rail and one or more runners. The length of this track can be adjusted up to 2500 mm to best suit your projects.

5. Stainless-steel sliding tracks with H2 roller runners

Comprising a linear track and a roller runner, our stainless steel tracks are the ideal solution for the food and medical sectors. This type of sliding track can support loads of up to 100 kg per runner, and is especially quiet.

Chambrelan offers 2 types of stainless steel sliding tracks.The ST53-BP53 sliding track has permanently lubricated and sealed rollers. Made of stainless steel, they are coated with plastic (polyamide) for smooth, silent movement. This model can support a maximum load of 225 kg. We also have the ST53-BS53 reference, which can support a maximum load of 300 kg. These stainless steel sliding rails can withstand medium loads and temperatures ranging from -20 to +80°C.

6. Customized sliding roller tracks

Chambrelan offers you additional options to customize your aluminum, stainless steel or steel roller track models. Options include drilling to plan, locking system, surface treatment and lubrication. 

If you’re looking for custom-made sliding rails to suit your needs, we’re at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to contact our team – we’re also available by e-mail or telephone.

7. Maintenance of rack rollers

As a general rule, our roller shoes require little maintenance. At Chambrelan, all our products are already pre-greased at the factory to protect them, withstand repeated handling and guarantee optimum service life for our sliding rails.To achieve this, we use different types of grease: 

  • high-pressure bearing grease for steel slides 
  • white grease for aluminum and stainless steel slides  
  • food-safe grease (cleanroom compatible) 
  • high-temperature grease
  • Teflon-free grease (paint booths)
  • no greasing

On the other hand, although our products are already pre-lubricated, which helps to reduce maintenance, you should still clean them from time to time to remove any debris that could damage your device.

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