Ball-bearing sliding rails

Find a wide range of ball-bearing sliding tracks. Chambrelan offers two types of sliding track, with ball or roller glides. As a manufacturer of sliding tracks since 1956, Chambrelan’s expertise guarantees the manufacturing process and quality of all our products. Designed with the utmost precision, our ball-bearing sliding rails are available in several materials to meet all industrial needs. 


1. The benefits of ball bearing runners

Ball bearing runners combine flexibility, precision and strength. The newly designed circulation system ensures smooth, uniform movement. 

What’s more, its structure is considerably more resistant to load. Our ball-bearing runner rails can withstand loads from 5 kg to 600 kg per runner. Ball-bearing sliding tracks are available in a range of lengths to best suit your needs. The number of runners can also vary according to the load you wish to support with your sliding track.

2. Aluminum ball-bearing sliding tracks

We offer 2 types of aluminum ball-bearing sliding rails. Rails are poorly suited to withstand torque loads. Always balance the load under one or more runners, as required.  Our aluminum ball-bearing sliding rails are designed for light loads, but adapt very well to small footprints.

The D409-AL40 offers loads ranging from 1 runner for 15 kg to 3 runners for a maximum of 45 kg. This linear guideway is designed for light loads. 

The D48-AL60 supports loads of 50kg for 1 runner, and up to 150kg for models with 3 runners.

As you can see, the number of runners you choose depends on the number of loads you’re going to carry. Our two ball-bearing sliding rail models range in length from 300 mm to 3000 mm. Their recommended operating temperature is -20 to 100°C. The locking system is manual for our aluminum ball-bearing sliding rails. Slides are delivered lightly greased from our factory.

3. Steel ball-bearing slide rails

Our ball-bearing steel slide rails are made up of two components: a fixed rail and a recirculating ball bearing that slide in the profile. More than 20 standard ball-bearing steel runner models are available. However, we also offer custom manufacturing for specific environments. The lengths offered for our steel ball bearing slide rails range from 100 mm to 3000 mm. Depending on the model you choose, operating temperatures can vary from -20°C to +80°C or +100°C. After adaptation in our production plants, we can improve temperature resistance performance. Indeed, after intervention by our teams, we can reach temperatures from -50°C to +250°C.

Our standard model, which withstands the heaviest loads, is the E98-G12 steel sliding track. In fact, it can support a load of 600 kg per ball-bearing runner, for a total of 1800kg with 3 runners.

If you have any doubts about the length or number of runners to use for your project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help you. You can also discover our full range of steel sliding tracks.

4. Stainless steel ball bearing slides

Chambrelan offers 6 references of stainless steel ball bearing slide rails. Designed to withstand heavy loads, these stainless steel rails are manufactured by cold-drawing. These stainless steel ball bearing slides provide high-precision linear guidance. Thanks to their design and ball bearings, they allow smooth, frictionless movement, guaranteeing high load capacity and rigidity. At Chambrelan, you’ll find a wide range of rail lengths, as well as mounting and fastening options to suit your specific needs. 

Our stainless steel ball-bearing rails are designed to slide in a fixed rail.

5. Custom ball-bearing sliding tracks

Whether you need linear, telescopic or even sliding door ball bearing tracks, we have a solution for you. At Chambrelan, you’ll find a wide range of track lengths, as well as mounting and fastening options to suit your specific needs. If you’re planning a made-to-measure project, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

6. Track maintenance

Our stainless steel ball-bearing sliding rails are equipped with quiet, durable ball bearings, guaranteeing smooth, silent movement. What’s more, the rails are anodized or galvanized to protect against wear and rust. They’re also easy to maintain thanks to built-in lubrication, so you can enjoy many years of trouble-free use.

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