Chambrelan telescopic slides and guide rails for high temperature environment ?

CHAMBRELAN telescopic slides and guide rails for high temperature environment ?

Installing our ball bearing slides or linear rails in an environment with extreme temperatures, 80°C and more, -20°C or less?

The standard ranges of use of our telescopic or linear rails are not sufficient for your application? CHAMBRELAN adapts its slides to each of your constraints and provides a solution!

In what environment and high or low temperature environment can you install our slides and locking accessories? After modification, you can find our telescopic and linear slides in the following environments :

  • Oven or proofer: to raise and lower the oven or proofer door, or to extend a tray
  • Fireplaces and stoves: for sliding the protective door or the railing.
  • Catalyst: to access the inside of the device
  • Drying cabinet: to extract the trays and drawers placed inside.

We have written this article to guide you in the choice and installation of the ideal slide or rail for environments subject to temperature constraints.

Contents :

  1. Telescopic slides and linear rails under extreme temperatures
  2. Locking system for temperature environment
  3. Contact us

1- Telescopic slides and linear rails under extreme temperatures

A – What temperature do Chambrelan telescopic slides and linear rails withstand?

    • Standard version

Our CHAMBRELAN telescopic slides and linear guide rails are resistant, in standard version, to temperatures ranging from -20° to 80°.

If your mounting is in this range of use, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our standard slides and rails are designed and tested to withstand these temperatures without damage.

    • Special version

However, we also know how to adapt to environments requiring more extreme temperatures. When manufacturing our telescopic and guide rails, we adapt the functional clearance and the lubrication and fittings. Our custom-made slides will then fit into your project!

We offer specific greases according to your needs and environment, ranging from -65° to 400°. However, we always prefer to discuss projects in advance, in order to select the most suitable slide and the ideal grease for the temperature range of use.

We can also adapt the functional clearance of the slide to compensate for material expansion. This ensures that expansion does not obstruct the clearance required for the runners or slide elements to slide smoothly.

Finally, we adapt the material of the attachments such as stops, limit springs, magnets, etc. Some of these fittings are made of polyamide, PVC, hard steel, hardened steel. Exposed to high temperatures they can be damaged. We therefore prefer steel or stainless steel elements, which are better able to withstand the constraints of high temperatures.

In this idea, the opening synchronisation by magnetisation is abandoned or, when possible, replaced by a mechanical version.

Please note: the high temperature requires special adaptation and therefore prior consultation!

To find out more about the range of greases we offer, read our blog article on this subject here: “Lubrification of CHAMBRELAN telescopic slides and guide rails? »

B – A telescopic slide or rail for a temperature environment?

Both technologies are possible! CHAMBRELAN, offers a wide range of ball bearing slides and linear guide rails to enable its customers to find the ideal hinge for their projects: more than 100 guides in almost 20 lengths!

Several materials, lengths, extensions and options are available! First of all you need to determine whether you need a telescopic slide or rather a linear rail by asking yourself these questions:

      • Do I need to pull out / extend a drawer or tray? In this case I prefer the telescopic slide.
      • On the contrary, do I need to slide / guide a door, a panel, a machine cover? Then I go for the linear guide rail!


In order to guide you better, we have written blog articles to help you choose precisely which slides and rails best suit your project :


CHAMBRELAN makes sure that its entire range is suitable for high temperatures, whether it is our telescopic rails or linear guide rails!

In order to refine your research, here are a few tips to follow and apply:

      • Identify the exact temperature of use (peak or continuous)!
      • Choose stainless steel instead of steel or steel instead of aluminium.
      • Prefer a grease for mounting at high temperatures.
      • Avoid slides and rails with plastic elements!
      • Is it a clean room or a laboratory? Not all greases are compatible with this kind of environment combined with high temperatures!
      • Attention: some slides have PVC ball rods (even those made of stainless steel)! We will then propose a reference adapted to your environment.
      • Please contact us! We will provide you with a solution adapted to your project!

2 -Locking system for a high temperature environment

You’re there: you’ve selected the right telescopic slide or linear rail for your project. Now you are looking for a locking system.

CHAMBRELAN offers two types of locks that are also suitable for high temperature environments! But once again, we ask our customers to please contact us for any information regarding locking for environments above standard temperatures!

A – The manual lock :

The manual lock is the locking system commonly used in drawer slides. It can be installed on many models of ball bearing slides! Do not hesitate to consult our blog article dedicated to this theme to learn more about manual locking: “lock or hard points on drawer slides”.

Three locks are available for three ways to lock your installation :

      • The lock in(retracted position)
      • The lock out (extended position)
      • The combination lock: in open and closed position

Like our range of telescopic ball bearing slides, our locks can withstand temperatures as standard from -20° to 80° C!

But they can also withstand temperatures of up to 350°! However, it is imperative to warn us!

In order to avoid damage to the ball bearing slide and the lock, prior modifications must be made by removing all plastic components!

CHAMBRELAN manual locks can only be installed on our range of telescopic slides. If you are using a linear guide rail, or if your installation requires vertical deployment, we recommend our second locking system: by slam lock handle !


B- The Slam Lock Handle:

Our stainless steel slam lock handle are designed to meet 3 locking possibilities for your installations!

Withstanding an operating temperature of -40° to +70° in the standard version, they can withstand peak temperatures from -50° to 120°!

However, be careful if the mounting environment exceeds this operating range! The plastic handle and the push button of the slam lock handles could be damaged by the heat and damage your installation!


For more information about our slam lock  handle offer, please read our article: “Locking on sliding drawers”.

3 – Contact us:

If you need to work on an application subject to temperatures beyond the standard range of -20, +80°C, please contact us beforehand.

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