1. 1015-Items on stock

Our stock levels are constantly being topped up due to customer demands and a full ?real-time' stock program is available online. For telescopic slides usually in stock lengths range from 150mm to 900mm in steps of 50mm, then from 1000 to 2000mm in steps of 100mm. For linear guides For linear guides, length in stock are 500, 1000, 1500,2000 mm. Products in stock are usually shipped within a few days. If the reference is not available, we are able to produce slides, even for a few units. We can sometimes change certain characteristics on models in stock, which reduces manufacturing time.

2. 1016-Manufacturing tolerances

Our production manufacturing tolerances are for cold drawn profiles, according to ISO 2768-cL. Machining is compliant to ISO 2768-mK standard. Our production manufacturing tolerances.

3. 1037-New products & Evolutions

We are constantly seeking effective, efficient & innovative solutions. Some scheduled changes to our products are planned, some will evolve and some be withdrawn. Please note the following examples; for more accurate and updated information please refer to our web site. Learn more Do not hesitate to contact us..

Slide and Tilt:

it will provide an easy access to high located drawers. Learn more...


In additions to the slides, we can provide a system of ergonomic handle including different locking possibilities.Designed to withstand the toughest users, it offers an easy to implement turnkey solution, and adapt to most of installations. Learn more...

4. 1040-Nitruration

It is an optional heat treatment, which provides an increased surface hardness. in the case of high use such as on a car production line, or, in case of fast movement (more than 0.3 meters per second), we advise this surface treatment. This treatment gives the material a surface hardness of about 35 HRC, a hardness equivalent to that of the ball bearings'. Resistance to wear is, thus, greatly improved. Obtained under vacuum, it penetrates the material better than salt bath treatments. In this way increased hardness is effective to a depth of almost 3 tenths of a millimeter .

5. 1041-Method used to test loads for telescopic slides and linear rails

Loads are determined to ensure comfortable use, following a strict protocol of theoretical calculations validated by testing on bench. We determine the acceptable standard load, according to our mounting conditions and standard use to provide proper operation: a soft and smooth sliding during an average lifetime. The protocol follows the following steps: With a computer calculation, the initial test load is determined by the tensile strength (Rm) and the yield point (Re). This load is applied to the test frame to validate the calculated figures. Once this calculation validated, we repeat these steps on other representative lengths of the range. Eventually, a test on 15,000 cycles is performed on the most solicited length.

6. 1046-RoHS / REACh

All our standard products are compatible to the standards of health and safety currently in force. To date, our products and production methods do not contain or use of substances subject to REACH and RoHS regulations.

7. 1047-ISO9001

Chambrelan is certified ISO9001:2000 for nearly 10 years.Our first certification was confirmed by Veritas on June 20, 2005. It has since been regularly renewed.Our quality system is updated to be consistent with our production.You can download our certificate by following the link.  
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