Linear rail

1. 1008-End stops

slides are fitted with stops which limit the extension, both for opening and closing. Learn more

2. 1019-Vertical mounting

For applications where a vertical "up and down" movement is required, we recommend our linear slides. Due to vertical mounting, ball cages of telescopic slides will migrate after some cycles, which leads to a loss of extension. We can limit this phenomenon with additional stampings. Please contact us in case of vertical mounting before production.

3. 1024-Modularity

As a manufacturer, we are able to offer numerous adaptations of products. Our position as a manufacturer enables us to offer you numerous adaptations of our products. In addition, these products can also be mounted together to obtain new functions or specific sizes. Slides can thus be assembled with each other or with guidance rails, or even sometimes with ball bearing runners in the slides. Do not hesitate to contact us.

4. 1029-linear rails

Our linear rails consist of a recirculating ball bearing carrier that slides within a fixed length of guidance rail. One or more carriers may be used within each length of rail. The linear guide rail is made from a 6 metres long cold drawn steel profile (some are in aluminium or in stainless steel). This manufacturing method causes a strain hardening which gives the material the wear resistance qualities of half-hard steel. The rails are fixed with screws. At the customer's request, the pitch as well as the number of holes can be adapted to the specific conditions of use. Be careful: Drilling is an option. Without a request from the customer, linear rails will be delivered without drilling.

5. 1030-Load capacity

The Load capacity quoted for each type of carrier is the maximum load for a single carrier. The loads shown in the specification charts are given per runner. Although they are calculated with a large safety margin, the applied loads have to be considered according to the method of use or the orientation of mounting chosen for the application. So, an intensive use forces us to reduce the maximum load carried. Likewise, a mounting on the minor axis reduces the maximum safe load. NB: The loads usually carried by this type of product usually contain a high element of torque. So, you have to centre the load as much as possible, or use a second runner to cancel out this torque. Please refer to the technical data sheet to view the exact figures.

6. 1031-Travel

The usual travel of the carrier is equal to the rail length minus carriers length and the stop measurement. We supply up to 2 m rails in one part. The rails go together to allow longer travel length.

7. 1032-End stops

Our linear products are delivered with end stops: pin covered with rubber. They are designed as permanent end stops. In case of additional end stops, it is important not to bump on the plastic part of the runner.


End stop for transportation: Our linear products can also be delivered with transport end stops that are designed only to prevent the carrier from coming out of its rail. They should not be used as permanent end stops. It is very important to retain the runners with end stops. Indeed, if the runner should come out of its guidance rail, the balls, not being trapped would fall free and get mixed up. It would then be impossible to mount the runner again as we make up for the manufacturing tolerances by using slightly different ball diameters.

8. 1034-Drilling

The carriers are predrilled and cannot be modified. Standard rails are delivered undrilled. Drilling patterns can be supplied at an additional cost and delivery times.

9. 1035-Mounting recommendations

Linear rails with recirculating ball bearing carriers are simple and robust products that will give you smooth and reliable travel. Some mounting rules have to be fulfilled: Mounting surfaces are to be flat and even, Fix along whole length of rail, No torque on runner, Protect the rail from ingress of dirt, Room temperature. Temperature: Should slides be used in high temp (>100°C) please inform us pre-production as manufacturing processes need to be changed.
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