E1432 – New ultra-compact telescopic slide

Chambrelan manufactures a new compact slide: the E1432

The E1432 telescopic slide features an ultra-compact format, offering full extension while ensuring smooth movement. This slide is specially designed to meet the requirements of applications involving heavy loads.

Black in colour, it is made up of three elements in nitrided anti-corrosion steel. The nitriding process, which involves perimeter hardening, results in low roughness, reducing friction coefficients and improving the slide’s overall performance.

E1432 ouverte - Glissière télescopique

Its main features include a steel structure, an I-shaped intermediate profile ensuring high load resistance, minimal deflection under load, and a very favourable slide mass/supported load ratio. The slide has excellent corrosion resistance, lasting up to 600 hours in salt spray tests.

The polyamide hard stops add a layer of robustness, making it possible to withstand emergency openings while minimising sound volume. This meticulous design ensures adaptability to a wide range of operational constraints.

The slide length range extends from 250 mm to 1000 mm, offering flexibility in the choice of dimensions to suit the specific needs of the application.

Choosing an E1432 compact telescopic slide for your application

The E1432 telescopic slide is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries. Its compact design makes it easy to integrate under mobile devices, while offering the notable advantage of excellent torque resistance.

Some examples of specific applications for the E1432 slide include:

  1. Industrial Vehicle Bodywork :
  • Drawers and trays where on-board mass is crucial.
  • Space optimisation, ideal for applications where space is at a premium.
  1. Aeronautics :

Utiliser la glissière compacte E1432


  1. Large width applications :
  • Suitable for large drawers and trays.

Recommended operating temperatures range from -20 to 80°C, ensuring adaptability to a wide range of operating environments.

It is essential to note that, due to its compactness, it is not recommended to mount the slide flat, as this could result in the risk of the elements jamming together when opening. In addition, flat mounting could result in significant deflection, compromising expected performance. Proper mounting is crucial to ensure the smooth operation and durability of the E1432 telescopic slide in a variety of industrial applications.

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