Installation of a sliding drawer: 4 possible options

Does your project require the installation of a sliding drawer?

First of all, take a look at our blog article on choosing the ideal telescopic slide?

Or perhaps it is a drawer that is installed high up? Or a drawer with double extension? In other articles, we have mentioned the ball bearing slides and accessories for these cases.

Now that you have read through our various articles, you can think about how to optimise the mounting of drawer slides. CHAMBRELAN also develops guide systems that are easy to assemble, reliable and that contribute to increasing your working comfort.

Therefore, we have written for you this summary guide which includes some examples of systems that can be fitted on our ball bearing slides to simplify and speed up their mounting.

Contents :

  1. Disconnect slides
  2. Telescopic slides with brackets
  3. Drawer slides with assembly stampings
  4. Extension slides with shouldered screws

1 – Installation of a sliding drawer: Disconnectable slides

A – Principle, advantages and limits :

Disconnectability is an option on certain models of telescopic slides, which allows the mobile element to be removed from the slide and then re-inserted on the same slide, in order to facilitate mounting.

This option is ideal for installation in cramped spaces where it would be difficult to fit standard slides or for equipment requiring repeated maintenance.

It is recommended for light drawers weighing less than 30 kg; Imagine inserting a drawer weighing 50 kg or more with a tolerance of less than one millimetre at arm’s length….

For heavier loads, consider brackets or frame legs.

The principle is simple: the detachable moving part of the slide remain attached to the drawer. The inner beam can be detached by pressing a latch. Thus the drawer can be pulled out easily without using a screwdriver or any other tool. Eventually, the drawer can be re-assembled by simply pushing the guide beams back onto the guide slides attached to the cabinet.

There are many possible uses for the drawer:

    • Quickly installing a sliding drawer: screwing on the frame. Then fix the sliding strands to the drawer on a workbench. Finally, the drawer is inserted into its position by inserting the mobile guide strands into those fixed on the furniture.
    • Frequent disassembly of the drawer is necessary.
    • Productivity gains when mounting numerous drawers
    • Easy access to the rear of the drawer for maintenance, for example


Disconnectable slides


B – Examples of disconnectable slides

    • Partial extension telescopic rail D46

This telescopic rail is designed in two parts, so it has a extension of 75% of its folded length. Made of aluminium, this guide can withstand loads of up to 30 kg when mounted on major axis. It can be installed without prior modification. This disconnectable slide is suitable for mounting on-board electronics drawers or support trays when space is limited. A version without a disconnectable option is also available for similar features.

    • Full extension ball bearing slide D446

Very compact slide, it is designed to take up very little space while offering total access. Thanks to the polyamide ball rods installed inside the guide, sliding will be smooth and silent! This telescopic rail in anodised aluminium is available in the standard version, in galvanised steel and stainless steel for the same dimensions but with higher load capacities!

2 – Installation of a sliding drawer: Telescopic slides with brackets

As a manufacturer, CHAMBRELAN can offer its customers a multitude of simplified fixing possibilities! So after discussions and consultations on your projects, we can offer you the addition of brackets to our entire range of telescopic ball bearing slides! In aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel, in partial, total extension or super-extension, we adapt to each of your needs! Discover our different extensions in video.

Fixing brackets according to drawings can be supplied to facilitate the assembly of the system, even in a confined space.

Brackets can be assembled on the fixed part, the mobile part, or even on both.


Installation of a sliding drawer: Telescopic slides with brackets

Installation of a sliding drawer: Telescopic slides with brackets


However, be aware of the start-up costs that exist for any specific manufacture. This possibility is therefore particularly justified for quantities of more than 50 drawers.


Installation of a sliding drawer: Telescopic slides with brackets

3 – Installation of a sliding drawer: Drawer slides with assembly stamping

Assembly stamping are made on the slide itself. This is a deformation of the telescopic slide beam to simplify the installation.

They are therefore only possible on thin profile models such as R20, R26 or ST26 in partial extension, RA31 or RA41 or ST41 in total extension, or RA414 in super extension.


Drawer slides with assembly stamping


Our slotted guides are ideal for optimising the mounting or maintenance of a drawer or lightweight pedestals.

Simply clip the slides onto the furniture frame and/or the drawers onto the guides.

This option allows tool-free mounting and creates a real saving in mounting time.

Average loads of up to 80 kilos per pair can be considered.

Can be installed :

  • outdoors,
  • in clean rooms
  • laboratories,
  • in food environments,

This solution can adapt to a multitude of environments!


Please note:

Mounting ON MINOR AXIS under the drawer is not possible with this option.

In addition, a minimum production quantity is required. Especially in the case of specific stamping shapes where tooling costs are passed on.

However, these costs are quickly saved compared to the installation time of the drawers.

4- Installation of a sliding drawer: Extension slides with shouldered screws

It is also possible to offer drawer slides with shouldered screws!

These are shouldered screws fixed to the mobile part of the slides. These screws support a plate on each side of the drawer that can be inserted quickly and reliably – each plate being fixed to the drawer.

Extension slides with shouldered screws


The drawer is then placed on the slides. In order to prevent the drawer from tilting when in use, a screw must be used to secure the plate to the slide.

Higher loads can thus be envisaged without the risk of deforming or breaking the system because the load is simply placed on supports.

This solution is particularly appreciated in military applications with multiple constraints:

    • Reliability and speed of assembly and extraction for maintenance
    • Support of high loads in folded position

The other advantage is the low start-up costs, which means that this solution can be used even for small quantities (from a few dozen drawers upwards).



Are you planning to install a sliding compartment in a cramped space?

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