1002- Large choice of extensions

The development of a slide (also called extension, displacement or translation) corresponds to the extension of the moving part in relation to the fixed part. It depends on the number of elements in the slide and is measured in relation to the folded length.

As standard, the slides offer extensions from 100 mm to 3,000 mm.

There are 3 categories of extension:
Partial extension ~ 0.7 L
Full extension ~ L
Super extension ~ 1.5 L

Partial extension: approximately 2/3 of the folded length, with part of the mobile element remaining inside the fixed element.

Full extension: approximately the entire folded length, with the intermediate element providing the additional extension.

Super extension: approximately 150% of the folded length, thanks to the product’s two intermediate elements.

The development can be adapted to suit the conditions of use. This adaptation is based on the length of the ball guide. The extension can be reduced or increased by up to 10% of the standard extension. The extension influences the load capacity of the slide as well as the deflection: the greater the extension, the lower the permissible load.

Development is usually carried out on one side of the slide. However, in some applications, it may be necessary to access the drawer from either side of the fixed part. In this case, double extension slides are used.

Some products have no development and provide load support and translational guidance, such as linear guide rails.

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