Tilting drawer: the Slide and Tilt solution to high drawers

CHAMBRELAN introduces its the Slide and Tilt extension kit. The device is similar to telescopic slides and its use is mainly intended for storage and picking activities. Discover through these few paragraphs the operating principle, the interest and the main features of this type of product.

Presentation of the Slide and Tilt system

Slide and Tilt is used to facilitate access to high drawers. Here is a brief description of the product.

What is the product?

The product, called Slide and Tilt, creates a partial extension drawer with a tilting effect. The length of extension and tilting angle can be adjusted using the needle stops. The device, equipped with a pivot system, facilitates access to the contents of a drawer located high up. It is delivered in the form of a kit ready for assembly. It is composed of:

  • Sliding rails and sliding glides with pivots and end of travel shock absorbers
  • Adjustable stops for the rails
  • Rolling front guide assembly
  • Scrapers for track protection

These various equipments have been made from steel, stainless steel, reinforced polyamide and aluminium. CHAMBRELAN   offers 3 standard rail lengths. This gives you a choice of 550 mm, 650 mm and 1,050 mm rails.

What is the interest of the product?

This product has been specially designed to facilitate the access to drawer contents implanted at a height greater than or equal to the shoulders. This type of request generally concerns fire engines and emergency vehicles. The product is used to facilitate the storage of supplies and equipment in: warehouses, manufacturing facilities, emergency vehicles, assembly lines or to improve the ergonomics of workbenches… It is the ideal device to simplify the storage of goods and articles in retail stores, restaurants, medical facilities as well as commercial kitchens and garages. The device supports loads of 100 kg.

How to use the Slide and Tilt extension kit?

The sliding and tilting system is mainly used for applications that require heavy load guidance per drawer. Its operating principle is easy to understand. The rollers installed in the system allow the drawer to be opened. When the latter opens and exits the cabinet or box, the aluminium rails engage the tilting from the rear. This mechanism facilitates viewing and access to content at height. The kit is easy to install, as its assembly does not require any in-depth knowledge of its mechanism. It should be noted that the drawer can withstand a temperature range from -20 °C to 80 °C.

The specificities of the Slide and Tilt kit

CHAMBRELAN ‘s Slide and Tilt extension system offers many technical features.

The performance of the device

The tilting system is easily adjustable. Moreover, all users are able to make this setting by their own means. Corrosion has no effect on the system. This resistance is due to its white galvanized coating. The device can accommodate a set of ergonomic CHAMBRELAN  locking handles, such as closed-loop handles and open-loop handles that ensure content security. It should be noted that the kit has rollers that make the movement more fluid, even if the drawer is loaded to full capacity.

The variants of the kit

You have an alternative for the sliding and tilting drawer set. Choose between rails of different lengths and specific holes and mounting with stainless steel balls or a stainless steel rail. These products are all corrosion resistant. In terms of dimensions, the 3 lengths offered are standard. Of course, it is always possible to obtain other lengths according to the customer’s wishes. The manufacturer is able to handle special requests such as: special dimensions, typical treatments, special fixing accessories… The customer can also cut the guide to the desired length and drill the fixing holes accordingly.

The advantages of the Slide and Tilt extension kit

There are many advantages to such a system.

  • The Slide and Slide extension kit:
  • Facilitates access to the contents of the drawer installed in height
  • Takes advantage of a tilting angle preset by the manufacturer
  • Supports a load of up to 100 kg
  • Can be equipped with aluminium guide rail in 2 lengths

The assembly is easy and accessible to all types of users. For safety reasons, the system is equipped with elements that prevent the rails from disengaging, especially since the product has been subjected to standard tests to ensure that it meets the standards. These tests involve sudden closures over 10,000 cycles at 35 kg, followed by other closures from 2,000 cycles at 65 kg.

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