The CHAMBRELAN telescopic slide

The telescopic slide is the part that facilitates the sliding of drawers as well as many everyday utilitarian objects with vertical, horizontal guided movements. CHAMBRELAN, a leader in the telescopic rail manufacturing sector, offers a very wide range of telescopic slides. Here is everything you need to know about guides:

The telescopic slide

The telescopic slide is used to facilitate guided movements, vertical movements as well as horizontal movements from small everyday utilitarian objects to the heaviest elements.

The telescopic slide and ball bearing slides

As an expert in the production of telescopic rails, CHAMBRELAN manufactures a wide range of ball slides, including telescopic slides. It should be noted that a ball bearing slide is defined as an element that ensures the sliding of an object. It is used in industry, construction and landscaping. The telescopic slide is one of the various ball bearing guides offered by the company. It is always equipped with closing and opening stop stops.

What is a telescopic slide?

It should be remembered that the telescopic slide is defined as an assembly of metal elements obtained from precision cold drawing. This profile allows sliding on ball bearings guided in ball cages. The telescopic slide is thus a linear guide. Telescopic slides are made from steel or aluminium or stainless steel. The slide is available in several categories:

  • telescopic slides with partial extension The partially extended slides are equipped with 2 compact elements. The device will have a stroke less than its closed length.Glissière télescopique extension partielleExtension Partielle en extension
  • telescopic slides with full extension Equipped with 3 elements, the telescopic slide with full extension offers a more complete development compared to the previous model. The device will have a stroke corresponding to its closed length.Glissière télescopique extension totaleGlissière Télescopique à Extension Totale
  • telescopic slides with super extension The super extension slides are equipped with 4 elements. The super extension telescopic slide has 4 elements and guarantees a super development of the object. The device will have a stroke of 150% of its closed length.Glissière télescopique super extensionGlissière Télescopique à Super Extension

The system is fluid and silent. This type of device is able to support loads of more than 1500 kg or to extend over 3 metres. For cases where no extension is required, we offer a complete range of linear guides with ball slides. CHAMBRELAN telescopic slides can be adapted to your needs, thanks to options such as open lock, closed lock…

The range of telescopic slides, for what use?

The range is designed for heavy loads, i.e. industrial equipment that requires the use of strong and reinforced slides. Thanks to its strength, the slide is also able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. It can be used as follows:

What are the specific features and options of the telescopic slide?

As standard, our guides are equipped with solid stops able to resist openings and closures under maximum load (with a limit of 0.3 m/s). Its 100C6 chrome balls guarantee a smooth sliding action. Depending on the uses or uses they can be configured to measure:

  • Lengths and extensions: Depending on the model, the standard folded lengths of the slides range from 150 mm to more than 2 metres. The extensions range from a few tens of mm to 3 meters
  • Reinforced slides: Reinforcing balls, inserted into the thickness of the profiles, are perfectly suitable for heavy loads as well as for devices requiring the intervention of a resistant slide or subjected to torque loads. This is the type of guidance we recommend for flat mounting.
  • Synchronized Slides: A system makes it possible to order the opening of the various elements of the slide, to optimize the displacement forces. In the end, the movement is easier and the life span increased.
  • Locking Systems: Some slides can be equipped with a mechanical locking system:
    • Lock in opened position: When the slide is fully extended, a latch must be pressed to fold it.
    • Lock in closed position: When the slide is folded, a latch must be pressed to unfold it.
    • Open and Closed Lock: This system combines both open and closed interlocks

We also offer ergonomic lock handle sets that allow you to lock the drawer and unlock it by pressing a central button. This results in an ergonomic drawer that is easy to handle.

  • Surface treatment: As standard our slides are delivered with an anti-corrosion treatment that we can adapt on request:
    • without treatment in the case of high temperature mounting in a furnace
    • a surface hardness treatment to resist vibrations or intensive use
    • an improved anti-corrosion treatment, which we generally combine with stainless steel balls, which offer an economical alternative to more expensive all-stainless steel guides.
  • Lubrication: CHAMBRELAN telescopic slides are pre-greased at the factory. To do this, our professional team uses either high-pressure rolling grease or white grease. However, it is possible to carry out the lubrication with a more specific grease (high temperature…). You can even pass this option by requesting a grease-free assembly (but we do not recommend the use of unlubricated slides).

The little worries of telescopic slides

Some users of large drawers often have sliding problems. Drawers with a larger width in relation to their depth tend to separate the openings from the slides. To avoid this type of problem, use synchronized telescopic slides that sequence the opening of the sliding elements. The other small concern of users is better known as “The drift of the drawer”. It is manifested by a partial opening or closing. The repetition of openings and closures further causes the ball cages to drift from their initial position. To replace the cages in their place, it is necessary to close and open them all at once. This method resets the ball bearings by forcing the ball cage to reposition itself in its original position.

The advantages of the CHAMBRELAN telescopic slides

Choosing this range of CHAMBRELAN telescopic slides for your large-scale projects means taking advantage of a system that combines strength and performance.

  • Resistant materials The range of telescopic slides has been designed from drawn, cold hardened and galvanized steel. This economic material can withstand shocks. It is also able to resist vibrations, such as those generated by generators. The robust material provides high rigidity and limited bending, which is not the case with other telescopic slide construction materials.
  • A high level of load capacity With high loads supported on both sides and flat, the range of telescopic slides guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the total load. Our internal stop or locking systems are also dimensioned according to the loads supported, the results of our experience and our rigorous tests.
  • Longer service life The guide has a long service life, unlike other models. This continuous use is the best formula for professionals working in the railway, industrial or automotive sectors.

It is essential to remember that the service life, load capacity and material are the main criteria that influence the choice of a good telescopic slide. For any question or specific request, CHAMBRELAN, a renowned specialist manufacturer of telescopic slides and linear ball guides, has sales and technical teams at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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