Special vehicle

Strong slides

The design of special vehicles can call for careful selection of sliding systems. They must be able to meet the specific demands of the automotive vehicle design including resistance to vibration, shock, humidity and must effectively operate even in the most severe applications.

Our sliding system provides access in many special vehicles such as utility vehicles, commercial vehicles and emergency response vehicles. Not only do they facilitate quick and secure access, but also optimize the space available on-board for the stowage of equipment.

The slides used for these applications must withstand the operational stresses related to their use when subject to impacts and vibrations and must also effectively operate even when exposed to adverse environmental conditions such as corrosion, dirt, dust and temperature fluctuations.

Due to their physical characteristics, small size, stiffness, high load capacity and availability in a range of materials and finishes our sliding products are used within a wide range of vehicles and applications.

These systems combined with the slam lock handle allow us to offer a range of services to our customers:

  • Vehicles seat adjustment
  • telescopic slides for ramp extraction,
  • Door opening
  • Roof opening system
  • Control panel settings
  • Emergency hoist extension
  • Drawer for tooling
  • Over-extension slides for an easy access to generator drawers
  • Pivoting slide and tilt system for instant access to high level drawer stowage,
  • Double extension drawer slides with a bidirectional movement for access from both sides of the vehicle
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