Railway industry: the importance of telescopic slides

Railway industry: the importance of telescopic slides

Once upon a time :

1972, during the first studies of the TGV…

A famous French train manufacturer looked for a partner who could design and manufacture ultra-high performance slides to support 450 kg battery boxes under the wagons. At the cutting edge of technology, it was necessary not only to meet the load constraints, but also to meet a demand for over-extension to access the offset drawers under the train.

After working hard on the project, CHAMBRELAN’s teams designed and produced the E1902 heavy load steel telescopic slide. This was the beginning of the range of capital “I” slides which now includes a dozen different models in folded lengths of up to 2 metres and with extensions of up to 3 metres!

This story continues today: With extreme conditions (vibrations, intensive use, etc.), the railway sector requires robust and durable equipment. CHAMBRELAN has developed a range specially designed for the demanding environments required by the railway industry.


Telescopic slide E1902 :

This drawer slide in galvanized steel, is available in lengths from 500 mm up to 2 meters!

Three elements slide, the total length of the developed slide can reach up to 4 meters!

With a maximum load of 785 kilos per pair when mounted on the major axis and 200 kilos for bottom mounting, this slide is designed to support heavy loads!

It exists in many variations:


    • Possibility to install a closed lock on the slide,
    • Double extension slides (for access both side of the wagons),
    • Over-extension up to 150% of the closed length,
    • In carbon steel with different coatings,
    • full SST drawer slides,

1- Slides for trains, TGV, trams

CHAMBRELAN offers slides in high performance materials, namely stainless steel and steel, for professionals in the railway industry. Hardened by cold drawing, they are more resistant even under strong vibrations and heavy loads.

To meet the needs of the sector, CHAMBRELAN has equipped its ball bearing slides with reinforcing balls on the back of the slide elements. This innovation allows an increased torsional resistance of the parts under load. This system optimises the load capacity of the linear guides, while making it possible to bottom mount the telescopic rails.

Our drawer slides are supplied with a high-quality standard corrosion protection (resistance of 400 hours to salt spray). The steel bearings guides are coated with a white zinc coating with an average thickness of 12 microns. The stainless steel telescopic drawer sldies, for their part, are delivered after electrolytic polishing, making them even more resistant to oxidation.

2 – Main applications of telescopic slides

For more than 60 years, CHAMBRELAN has been designing telescopic slides for all industrial applications. CHAMBRELAN linear guides are available in partial, total or super extension. These ultra-resistant telescopic hinges have a maximum load capacity ranging from 50 kg to 1500 kg.

They are generally used on wagon doors, running boards and seat adjustment systems. They can also be found under trains: each wagon is equipped with a battery box to power the various train devices. To improve maintenance, these battery trays, also known as B-tray, are mounted on telescopic slides. This is why CHAMBRELAN has developed specific ball bearing slides to facilitate the extraction of battery boxes.

3 -Advantages of the telescopic slide for railway systems

In the context of the railway industry, the telescopic slide offers many advantages :

A -Quick access and space saving

Thanks to these sliding systems, it is easier to assemble and disassemble some modules, a significant advantage in case of emergency and productivity.

CHAMBRELAN ‘s drawer slides are very compact, which also saves space, especially for telescopic walking-steps, and reduces the weight on board and therefore the carbon footprint.

The slides also make it easier to use some elements such as seats. Slide-mounted train seats provide greater user comfort and an enhanced customer experience.

B- Discretion and ease of use

With CHAMBRELAN slides, sliding is smooth and silent. All this thanks to a specific lubrication system. On leaving the factory, the steel slides are already lubricated with high-pressure bearing grease and specific grease for the stainless steel models. However, it is possible to request specific lubrication such as high temperature grease.

Special greases are available for extreme uses: frost resistance, electrical conduction, noise reduction…

C- Security system

To keep the modules open or closed, an optional mechanical locking system can be requested. The lock can be activated or deactivated by manually operating the lock.

There are three locking options to choose from:

      • lock in open positionwith which you simply press the lock once in the open position to fold back the slide.
      • lock in closed position, where the lock must be pressed down to unfold the module.
      • lock in closed and open position keep the module in the open or closed position and simply activate the lock to extend or retract the moving strand of the slide.

D -Surface treatment

If all CHAMBRELAN slides are delivered with a standard anti-corrosion treatment, it is possible to include a more corrosion-resistant treatment as an option. It is also possible to request nitriding for steel slides. This operation will optimise their service life in the case of intensive use and increase their resistance to matting if they are exposed to strong vibrations.

4 – Some models of slides for trains and trams


It is a galvanised steel slide with partial extension. This model is equipped with reinforcing balls and is designed for heavys loads.

With a length ranging from 200 mm to 1400 mm, it has a maximum load capacity of 75 kg per pair when bottom mounted, and 160 kg when mounted on the major axis.

It offers a smooth and unobtrusive sliding action thanks to the standard high-pressure bearing grease with the option of adding nitriding. Possibility to add a lock in open or closed option.


It is a full extension model in stainless steel with reinforcing balls.

Its stainless steel ball bearings and standard white grease lubrication provide silent and smooth sliding.

With three elements, it offers a full extension (100% of the closed length) its standard closed length goes from 250 mm to 1,600 mm. The maximum load capacity is 170 kg per pair when mounted on the major axis and 60 kg when bottom mounted.




Glisières à super extension

This model in galvanised steel with reinforcing balls is highly resistant to extreme conditions.

Its 4 elements offer an over-extension of 150% of the closed length and can support heavy loads. On the major axis, this model can carry up to 228 kg per pair, compared to 80 kg when bottom mounted. In length 2 m the extension is 3 m ; a total length of 5 m!

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