Linear rail

1. What is the maximum length of a linear rail ?

The maximum length of linear rails is 3 metres. To increase this length, rails can be mounted next to each either with a straight cut or an oblique cut.

2. How to calculate the maximal travel within the rail ?

It corresponds to the length of the rail, from which you subtract the runner length and 2x the position of one end stop.

3. Are linear rail drilled ?

Drillings in linear rails are only done at a customer's request. Fixing of linear rails is possible thanks to standard or specific drillings. The pitch or number of drillings can be adapted to your conditions of use.

4. How do you to choose the right runner for the right rail ?

We advise you to choose long runners for heavier loads and short runners for lighter loads.

5. Is an end stop for transportation a standing end stop ?

Linear rails are delivered with transport end stops to prevent the runner from leaving the rail. Be careful: a temporary end stop can't be used as a permanent end stop.

6. How many runners per rail must you put in ?

Two runners per linear rail are enough to withstand the load. In case of a lack of rigidity of the structure, you can add some runners to the rail.

7. How can you choose the rail reference adapted to your application ?

When you order, please indicate :
  • The linear rail reference and the length you need.
  • The runner reference and how many runners you need.
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