ER28 – New sliding rail with roller runners

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Chambrelan is continually developing new products and improving existing ones to meet the changing needs of the industry. This may include more robust telescopic slides, more precise guide rails, or linear motion systems adapted to specific environments.

To meet the new demands for high speeds, Chambrelan is producing a new sliding rail: the ER28 rail with 4 different roller runners.

ER28 : New sliding rail

This guide rail extends the range of steel sliding rails. Its length can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs, up to 2,000 mm. Several rails can be joined together to obtain a longer length. It is supplied as standard with a black-finish hardness treatment, which also provides anti-corrosion protection.

The ER28 sliding track has three main features:

– High resistance to heavy loads.

– Extremely compact profile.

– The B28R runners used in the ER28 track are fitted with case-hardened rollers.

This new product has several runners with rollers (3, 4, 5 or 6 rollers per runner).

ER28 patins

ER28-B28R3 | ER28-B28R4 | ER28-B28R5 | ER28-B28R6

The standard version of the ER28 rail has no stop. This means that the moving part can be removed.

ER28 schéma de coupe

A scraper option is available for polluted environments.

Where to use the ER28 sliding rail

The ER28 linear guide is designed for heavy loads in applications requiring a very small footprint and high speeds.

Examples: small covers or housings for machine protection, access doors, telescopic arms, etc.

Recommended operating temperatures range from -20 to 100°C.

The ER28 sliding rail offers a number of advantages:

– Compact design

– Resistant to heavy loads

– Choice of 4 roller runners (B28R3 | B28R4 | B28R5 | B28R6)

– Highly resistant to corrosion (600h salt spray test)

– Suitable for high number of cycles

– Smooth, silent movement

– Suitable for dusty and polluted environments

– No need to be greased as the sealed rollers are greased

A team at your service

Chambrelan offers customised solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.

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