Endurance Test of a Slide under High Stress

Tests to prove our slides!

To meet the requirements of our customers and partners in the railway industry, our heavy-duty slides are tested on our test bench directly from our production plant in Normandy.

A precise test specification allowed us to determine :

  • the Chambrelan product adapted to the client’s specifications
  • the number of opening/closing cycles to validate the test
  • the control points to be carried out
  • the frequency of checks

Endurance test of our R112 slide

As part of our partnership with SNCF, a test was requested on our R112 slide which will be used on all doors of modernised regional trains:

  • Product tested: R112 telescopic slide with total extension L1450mm
  • Context: Opening and closing of a 110 kg sliding door
  • Number of cycles: 400,000 openings and closings (corresponds to 15 years of use)
  • Checks: Every 25,000 cycles
  • Duration of the test: 2 months, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Results: Validation of the bearings’ performance and resistance to deformation over time.

✅ The SNCF technical team approved the slide test and the slides will be replaced on the passenger doors of these trains. Here we go again for another 15 years!

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