Do Chambrelan slides need specific maintenance ?

Bearing slides maintenance:

CHAMBRELAN bearing slides have been designed to operate with minimum maintenance. They are lubricated in house with a high pressure bearing grease, which guarantees them an optimum life span. However, in the event of severe operating conditions (environment, high operating rates, etc.), the slides should be regularly and systematically maintained.

They are delivered pre-greased from the factory:

  • for steel slides, with a lithium high pressure grease,
  • for aluminium or stainless steel slides with a food grade white grease, clean room compatible.

When in use, the important thing is to have clean and greased ball bearings and ball tracks. As far as possible, they must be free of impurities that could damage the raceways or block the movement.


The maintenance intervals depend on the use and the environment;
During our qualification tests at 15000 cycles, we lubricate the slides every 5000 cycles.
However, an abrasive environment or high rates will require more regular maintenance.

In the case of particular use at temperatures below -20°C or above 140°C, we can adapt the choice of grease to suit these conditions. The same applies to food environments or clean rooms.

Operating mode:

Without disassembling the slide, clean the raceways with a cloth; it is possible to use a degreasing solvent.

Then abundantly regrease the raceways with a brush or grease spray. Finally, carry out a few opening and closing cycles so that the ball bearings are greased.

We can eventually supply the grease we use.

Overview table of greases used:

Low temperature Standard High temperature
Steel slides MALUB GV2 (-50°C à +130°C) MALUB (-20°C à +140°C) JELT high temp (-20°C à +1200°C)
Aluminium slides JELT food & clean room compatible (-20°C à +140°C) N/A
Stainless steel slides JELT high temp (-20°C à +1200°C)

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