Custom-made telescopic slides and linear guides

Have you considered the many mounting and installation options for a CHAMBRELAN linear guide in your environment and space? Have you considered the length, extension and load required?

Yes, but your project is different from others! You have a specific request, constraints to respect, and you want a rail that adapts to your exact request?

CHAMBRELAN offers customised manufacturing and mounting solutions for your drawers slides or linear bearing rails:

  • Mounting accessories,
  • Specific corrosion resistance,
  • as many options as there are projects…

Discover this guide with some examples of our custom-made solutions.

Contents :

  1. Lengths and extension
  2. Drilling plans
  3. Specific profiles
  4. Greasing
  5. Treatments
  6. Mounting in extreme temperatures
  7. Mounting accessories

1 – Lengths and extension

You have browsed our catalogue and our website.  You have studied our entire range of telescopic ball bearing slides and linear rails. And the dimensions we offer do not suit your needs?

CHAMBRELAN offers its customers a very wide range of standard choices.

For example, you will find slides with a folded length of 150 mm to 2 metres.

With three types of extensions:

From the standard heavy duty drawer slides, our factory based in Le Havre, France, can manufacture the length you require (folded as well as extended) – even for one pair of slides.

For this, several elements must be taken into account:

We limit the lengths to a maximum of 2 metres. Beyond that, there is a real risk of damage during transport. Please note that we can manufacture several rails to be assembled end to end (example: a 2 metre rail and a 1 metre rail for a total length of 3 metres).

Take the deflection into account. The greater the extended length (= extension), the greater the deflection. This is an important factor to consider. As a reminder, the deflection is a deformation at the end of the slide when it is in the extended position. It is indicated on our data sheets.




Each extension modification must be studied according to the applied load. As a general rule, we can increase the catalogue extension by up to 10%. But for some slides it is possible to go further. Contact us to discuss this.

    • The load:

when we manufacture a custom-made slide, we study it according to the load to be supported. Indeed, it will be more difficult to fold a long drawer with a large extension, subjected to a heavy load.

2 – Drilling plans

CHAMBRELAN has defined a standard drilling pattern for each model. You will find on our technical data sheets, the drilling plans as well as the types of screws to insert in your mounting.

Please note that we never supply the screws.

However, we can drill all of our telescopic slides and linear rails on request, provided that we have a precise drilling plan and a detailed description of the hole:

    • A precise drilling plan,
    • A deadline for manufacturing

3 – Specific profiles

CHAMBRELAN, designer and manufacturer of sliding profiles and linear profiles, offers a hundred references in various lengths and materials.

We innovate every year in the development of new profiles. Thus, in partnership with our design office, we adapt to the evolution of your needs.

For projects requiring very specific dimensions, we develop new profiles if the economic interest exists.

Some examples:

    • Aviation :
      • Discover our latest E1432 ball bearing slide specially developed for first and business class seats in commercial aviation. These slides allow a linear translation of the seats and their transformation into beds.

These three stories are just a few examples… We can manufacture the ideal drawer slide for your project on request! Don’t wait any longer to contact us and we will discuss your ideas together.

4 – Greasing:

You have selected the telescopic ball bearing slide or linear rail you need. With or without drillings, modifications of lengths and adapted extension. As you may have noticed, our entire range is available in three different materials:

    • Zinc-plated steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Anodised aluminium

Thus, each rail can be adapted for any type of environment (food, clean room, industrial, outdoor vehicle …)

5 – Anti-corrosion treatments

All slides are delivered with an anti-corrosion treatment. White zinc for steel and colourless anodising for aluminium. All the rails and slides we ship are delivered with a treatment in accordance with the RoHS directive.

In order to increase the efficiency of our hinges or to adapt our slides to your installation, CHAMBRELAN offers optional material and treatment modifications.

In order to increase the resistance to corrosion, we offer the following treatments:

      • Reinforced zinc plating for a salt spray resistance of 600 hours
      • Zinc Nickel for 1000 hours BS resistance
      • We then replace the steel balls with stainless steel balls

Hardening of bearing races

In order to increase the longevity of linear guides, to withstand vibrating environments or to cope with several hundred thousand cycles, we offer chemical treatments to harden the raceways

Nitriding on steel models

This technique allows the addition of carbon molecules to the steel to harden the surface and more particularly the raceways.

Hard anodising on aluminium models:

This technique limits the deflection of the slides and improves the life of the linear guide. This treatment is available in clear or black.

6 – Mounting in extreme temperatures

We work every day with different trades. Sometimes we are consulted for installations in high temperature environments: ovens, furnaces, chimneys, catalysts, etc.

Our telescopic or linear slides and rails are suitable for temperatures between -20° and 80° in the standard version.

Beyond that, we offer :

    • Several types of grease adapting to heat constraints from -65° to 400°,
    • Adapt the functional clearance of the slide to allow for the expansion of materials,
    • Stainless steel is preferable to galvanised steel or aluminium,
    • Adapt the material of the slide elements such as stops, end springs, magnets, etc.
    • Greaseless mounting (although for optimal use of the rail we always recommend greasing)

7 – Mounting accessories

Sometimes, when installing in tight spaces, mounting a sliding drawer can be a headache. Discover our options to facilitate the mounting of a sliding drawer:

A -Brackets

We can provide angle brackets according to a plan in order to facilitate the assembly of the installation. They can be assembled on the fixed part, the mobile part, or both.

B-  shoulder screws

These are shoulder screws fixed to the moving part of the slides. These screws support a plate on each side of the drawer, which can be inserted quickly and reliably (the plate is fixed to the drawer). The drawer is then simply placed on the shoulder screws of the slides.



C- Assembly stamping :

On some ball bearing slides, we can add assembly stamping . This simplifies mounting!The principle is simple, the slides are clipped onto the furniture frame and the drawer is clipped onto these slides.


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