Chambrelan telescopic slides are synchronized

Full extension drawer slides are extended in two stages: first the inner beam (smaller profile of the slide), then the intermediate element. The latter, subjected to a torque due to the offset load, requires a greater force to move.

To facilitate the opening of the elements, CHAMBRELAN has equipped pat of its range of slides with a synchronization system. This sequential opening allows to open first the intermediate profile and then the slider in order to limit the opening force of the slide.

This solution is realized on the standard steel models by magnetization. On request or for certain materials, the synchronization can be achieved by a latch.

Mounting constraints:

This range of synchronized slides imposes an assembly direction: the outside beam (the large profile of the slide) must be the fixed element and the inner beam the mobile element.


the magnetization can be incompatible with the final application, it is necessary to check its compatibility beforehand. For example, a vertical assembly (guillotine) is not recommended.

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