Chambrelan slides and rails all over the world

History of Chambrelan slides and rails

Chambrelan is a French company specialising in the design and manufacture of telescopic slides and guide rails.

At the beginning of its history, Chambrelan concentrated on the production of slides for the metal industry, meeting the needs of the time. Over the years, Chambrelan has extended its product range to include slides for various industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, railways, medical, etc. Telescopic slides are used to facilitate access, movement or positioning of components in a variety of applications.

Thanks to its commitment to quality, innovation and customer service, Chambrelan has become a recognised company in the field of telescopic slides and guide rails. Chambrelan exports its slides and sliding rails worldwide and serves a diverse customer base ranging from small businesses to large international industries.

Over the decades, Chambrelan has been able to adapt to technological developments and market demands, enabling it to maintain its leading position in the telescopic slides and sliding rails sector.

Today, Chambrelan slides can be found all over the world

Chambrelan is present throughout the world thanks to :
– a head office with its own production site
– 8 subsidiaries distributing only Chambrelan products
– 18 reseller partners

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