1035-Mounting recommendations

Linear rails with recirculating ball bearing carriers are simple and robust products that will give you smooth and reliable travel. Some mounting rules have to be fulfilled:

Mounting surfaces are to be flat and even,Fix along whole length of rail,No torque on runner,Protect the rail from ingress of dirt,Room temperature.

Mounting on the major axis is the ideal slide mounting because it allows a better distribution of the forces.

Mounting on the minor axis : slides mounted on the minor axis will have a reduced carrying capacity.

Speed of use

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Should slides be used in high temp (>100°C) please inform us pre-production as manufacturing processes need to be changed.

Be careful:

Some mountings are not advisable : mounting on a uneven surface or in an overhanging or corrosive environment or in excessive heat. In case of improper mounting, the runner will move erratically causing wear within the ball tracks and thus reducing the lifespan.

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