New ball bearing telescopic slide E1906

This full extension telescopic slide in E1906 steel is the latest addition to the Chambrelan range.

The 1906 slide is the result of exchanges between Chambrelan and its customers to design a new telescopic slide that is ultra resistant and lighter than the current production.

It is available in standard lengths from 500 mm to 2 meters. On request, we can manufacture custom-made models.
The maximum displaced load exceeds 700 kg per drawer when assembled on the major axis (on each side of the drawer). In case of bottom mount sliders, some lengths resist up to 300kg.

Industrial professionals in the railway, automotive and transport sectors in general are faced with ecological issues, weight reduction and load optimization.

The E1906 meets these criteria. It is an evolution of the E1902 high performance drawer slide. It is equipped with reinforcing balls that take up the crushing and torsional torques. Its manufacturing secret lies in the design and technology of its intermediate element. It is lighter and its strength is increased by carbonitriding, a process that increases the carbon content of the steel. Thus, a 1-metre E1902 slide weighs nearly 16kg, compared to less than 13kg for the E1906!

Thus, in addition to offering an unequalled weight/load resistance ratio, the E1906 slide, thanks to its top-of-the-range anti-corrosion and surface hardening treatments, brings all the advantages of longevity in vibrating and polluted environments.

Finally, magnetic devices synchronize its opening. A sequential opening of the elements allows to optimize the distribution of forces. Thus movements under load are easier.

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