Chambrelan to visit the REAS trade fair in Italy

The REAS exhibition in a few words

REAS (Rescue Exhibition and Conference) is a major international event dedicated to emergency services, civil security, risk prevention and disaster response. It brings together professionals, companies, government organisations and experts from around the world to showcase the latest technologies, equipment and innovative solutions for emergency management and public safety.

REAS is an important platform for professionals and stakeholders involved in emergency services, civil security and risk prevention. It is a place where technological advances, best practices and innovative ideas are shared to improve emergency and disaster preparedness and response.

Make an appointment with a Chambrelan expert at REAS

Our Chambrelan team is planning to visit the REAS exhibition, where it will have the opportunity to meet manufacturers of emergency vehicles and equipment. The aim is to introduce them to our Chambrelan guidance systems, which have already demonstrated their effectiveness in this specific sector.

Our ranges of telescopic slides and sliding rails have already proved their worth in this field. These solutions, together with ergonomic handles and kits for transforming a drawer into a sliding and tilting mechanism, have been used for many years to equip emergency vehicles.

In addition, our telescopic slides can also offer an optimum solution for facilitating access to a medical stretcher, by allowing smooth, effortless movement. Illustrations of these uses are available on Chambrelan’s YouTube channel.

To make your visit to REAS more convenient, we encourage you to make an appointment now with our Chambrelan Italy team: 

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