Chambrelan telescopic slides and linear rails for the aerospace industry

A range of telescopic slides and linear rails developed specifically for the aerospace industry

The slides and rails, designed specifically for the aerospace industry, are compact, enabling seat manufacturers to maximise cabin space. This is particularly important in the context of commercial aircraft, where every square centimetre counts.

Thanks to their telescopic mechanism, Chambrelan slides allow smooth, linear movement, giving passengers a smooth, customisable adjustment experience. Whether to recline the seat into a relaxation position, adjust the height or offer a seat-bed function, telescopic slides allow optimum flexibility in seat design.

Telescopic slides and linear rails used in the manufacture of business seats

What we love most about trade shows is seeing our products in your applications.

At the last International Paris Air Show, we visited our customer and saw how our telescopic slides and sliding rails are used in business seats.

The Chambrelan telescopic slides and sliding rails used in this application are :

💺 The EV18 curved rails used allow the backrest of the seat to tilt and position itself horizontally. This allows the seat to become a bed.
💺 The E18 rails support the armrest guides when they are electrically operated by passengers.
💺 The E1432 telescopic slide guides the seat forwards and backwards.

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