At the side of the police force

The Czech Police equips its intervention vehicles with Chambrelan drawer slides

“I am very pleased to be able to be present on the occasion of the delivery of these special vehicles, which will assist the police officers of the emergency motorized units. The police designed the vehicles themselves and supervised the implementation of all modifications. The City of Prague contributed to the acquisition of the vehicles and thus helped to implement this project,” said Tomáš Lerch, Police Commander.

“According to various statistics, Prague is the sixth safest city in the world. We owe this excellent work to the police of the Czech Republic and other security forces. The Prague management is constantly trying to improve the security of the people of Prague, which is why we are pleased to be able to provide the Regional Police Directorate of the Czech Republic with these command vehicles that meet all the technical requirements for demanding police work,” said Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček.

These are Škoda Kodiaq vehicles with a 2.0L engine, 140 kW, 4-wheels drive, in the marking of the police. This SUV is equipped with a flashing beacon ramp with a double blue-red beacon and two brightness levels (day and night mode) and full radio equipment.
The vehicles are equipped with a retractable technical tray on Chambrelan drawer slides located in the luggage compartment of the vehicle, which allows the storage of all the equipment necessary to deal with emergencies, namely:

  • Hydraulic door opening,
  • hammer,
  • telescopic ladder,
  • portable lighting,
  • hearing protectors,
  • CO detector,
  • dosimeter,
  • medical bag,
  • defibrillator,
  • stop belt,
  • cones,
  • bullet-proof vests,
  • helmets…

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